Практикум по грамматике «to be». Формы глагола to be в активном залоге (простые времена)

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Формы глагола tobeв активном залоге (простые времена)




Маркеры времени (ключевые слова)

today, every day, always, usually, often, as a rule, sometimes, seldom, never

yesterday, last week, a month ago, in 1994

tomorrow, next year, the following week, in a day

Утвердительная форма

I                                 am (‘m)

You (We, They)        are (‘re)

He, She, It                  is (‘s)

I, He, She, It          was

We, You, They      were

I, We        shall (‘ll)

You, They        will           be

He, She, It(‘ll)

Отрицательная форма

I                            am not

You, We, They     are not


He, She, It             is not (isn’t)

I, He, She, It         was not


We, You,They    were not


I, We    shall not

(shan’t)               be

You, They   will not         

He, She, It     (won’t)            

Вопросительная форма

(общий вопрос)

Am                 I ………….?

Are                you, we, they ?

Is                   he, she, it ….?

Was         I, he, she, it......?

Were       you, we, they...?

Shall     I, we

you, he, she      be....?

Will      it, they

(специальный вопрос)

Why     am    I …………..…?

             are    you, we, they...?

             is       he, she, it …..?

Why  was    I, he, she, it..?

          were   you, we……?       

           were  they………..?

Why   shall   I, we

            will     you, he,   be....?

                       she, it,


Ex. 1. Выберите только один правильный вариант “to be”. При выполнении задания можете воспользоваться данными таблицы 1.

1. Where ___ you from (are, is, was, shall be)?

2. How old ___ you a week ago (are, will be, was, were)?

3. How old ___ your brother now (are, is, was, shall be)?

4. When ___ his father born (were, was, is, will be)?

5. I ___ glad to see you (are, am, is, were).

6. Tom’s parents ___ in England last year (were, was, are, will be).

7. The best seats ___ 10 $ (are, is, shall be, was).

8. What ___ the weather like yesterday (were, was, is, will be)?

9. It ___ Saturday tomorrow (will be, shall be, is, was).

10. Yesterday I ___ twenty (was, am, shall be), today I ___ twenty-one (was, am, shall be) and next year I ___ twenty-two (was, am, shall be).

Ex. 2. Прочитайте небольшой текст. Не забудьте вставить правильные формы глагола “tobe” (времена группы Simple).

Pete ___ my stepbrother. He looks older though he ___ two years younger than I ___.

A year ago we ___ not friends at all. I found him moody and stubborn. I could guess Peter thought that I ___ bossy and I ___ not attentive towards him. We argued a lot. If Pete said that the film ___ worth (стóящим) watching, I said it ___ bad.

Now Pete ___ my best friend. I can trust him all my secrets. Now I see he ___n’t stubborn but he ___ determined. We like to do several activities together. For example, Pete and I ___ crazy about music.

I believe that we ___ good friends in our nearest future.

Прочитайте внимательно сведения таблицы 2 и постарайтесь перевести предложения на русский язык с учетом предложенных рекомендаций.

Таблица 2

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