Тест для сдачи отработок по английскому языку (Тест из 70 вопросов с отметками на правильных ответах), страница 3

: Once used, the vial should be disposed of.

: Without adding preservatives, most suspensions can be used only a few days.

: Skin rashes including purpura and urticaria, jaundice and fever have been reported.


S: Предложение с герундием.

: The boiling of water continued for two hours.

: Having been treated with this medicine the patient felt better.

: Drugs containing opium must be taken very accurately.

: It is dangerous to take this drug without receiving the prescription from a doctor.


S: A pharmacy … for drug compounding.

: must be licensed

: should licensed

: should be licensed

: may be licensed


S: Much effort … by person identifying the weeds.

: may be made

: might be made

: must make

: must be made


S: I think you … this drug in any pharmacy today.

: must to find

: could find

: may find

: should find


S: Next year students … medicines by themselves.

: will prepared

: will be able to prepare

: can prepare

: could prepare


S: Предложение, где “have” имеет модальное значение.

: Every drug had been packed and labled.

: All  drugs have to be labled.

: These drugs have very potent components in their formula.

: The drug has been used for many years.


S: Предложение со сложным подлежащим.

: All medications are to be given early in attacks.

: Elderly patients are likely to be taking drugs that interact with antacids.

: The need to reduce the dosage is obvious.

: This regimen is often used to treat chronic diseases.


S: The doctor wanted to know which medications … by the patient for his asthma and allergic reactions.

: to be taken

: are taken

: were being taken

: were taking


S: How a drug … is determined by its classification.

: is labled

: labled

: lables

: is lable


S: Paracetamol does not cause irritation in the gastrointestinal tract or bleeding in the stomach … it is considered the safest of the analgesics.

: as

: since

: therefore

: that


S: Each type of protein is composed from different amino acids … they are not interchangeable.

: that

: because

: when

: although


S: Codein is used …the pain becomes severe.

: after

: once

: that

: as


S: предложение с самостоятельным причастным оборотом.

: Dosing intervals are different for children.

: Clarity testing is used to check sterile products for particulate matter.

: Analgesics, including plain old aspirin, are quite effective in alleviating pain and inflammation.

: Aspirin like drugs being not strong enough, the patients are prescribed steroids to reduce pain.


S: Предложение, где one/ones заменяет существительное.

: If you find one supplement that meets your needs, remember to take it daily.

: Pleasant tasting herbs are potentially less toxic than bitter tasting ones.

: Patient often tolerate one agent better than another.

: One should remember that there are highly poisonous medical plants.


S: Предложение, где that/those заменяет существительное.

: The processes of oxidation and reduction have much broader meanings than those indicated by previous definitions.

  : Chemical research for obtaining new compounds of carbohydrates is proceeding more rapidly at present than that was before.

: It is necessary to prepare these drugs and those ones by tomorrow.

: I know that these compounds were made yesterday.


S: Предложение, где –ing обстоятельство.

: If heated, the solution starts decomposing.

: While preparing an ointment, add the oil soluble ingredients in decreasing order of melting points.

: Monitoring of the impact of drug therapy should be promoted on a regular basis.

: Prostaglandins help maintaining the protective lining of the stomach.


S: They say the presentation of new pharmaceuticals … next Tuesday.

: will must take place

: will must to take place

: will have to take place

: will have take place


S: At the chemist’s, all drugs ### (to keep) in drug cabinets or in refrigerators.

: are kept


S: All the trials of this drug already ### (to complete).

: have been completed


S: We### (perform) an important experiment from 12 to 3 o’clock yesterday.

: were performing

S: Сейчас они оценивают результаты эксперимента.

: Now they estimate the results of the experiment.

: Now they have estimated the results of the experiment.

: Now they are estimated the results of the experiment.

: They are estimating the results of the experiment.