Тест для сдачи отработок по английскому языку (Тест из 70 вопросов с отметками на правильных ответах), страница 2

: to be allowed to V

: should

S: Определите вид придаточного предложения:

Since an enzyme is not affected by a chemical reaction, it can be used over and over again to catalize the same reaction.

: обстоятельство образа действия

: обстоятельство времени

: придаточное определительное

: обстоятельство причины

S: Определите вид придаточного предложения:

Cells must grow before they can divide.

: обстоятельство причины

:  образа действия

: придаточное условное

: обстоятельство времени


S: Соотнесите названия химических элементов:

L1: медь

L2: углерод

L3: фтор

L4: железо

L5: натрий

R1: copper

R2: carbon

R3: fluorine

R4: iron

R5: sodium

R6: oxygen

S: Nought point nine five eight seven

: 0, 9568

: 0, 9587

: 9, 8795

: 0, 8756


S: Укажите соответствия:

L1: хлористый натрий

L2: сульфат

L3: углевод

L4: диоксид углерода

R1: sodium chloride

R2: sulphate

R3: carbohydrate

R4: carbon dioxide

R5: alkali metals

S: Соотнесите:

L1: to be V3

L2:  to be Ving

L3: to have V3

L4: will V

R1: Passive Voice

R2: Continuous Tenses

R3: Perfect Tenses

R4: Future Simple

R5: Perfect Continuous

S: Укажите соответствия:
L1: shake

L2: dissolve

L3: filter

L4: acidify

R1: взболтать

R2: растворить

R3: отфильтровать

R4: окислить

R5: охладить

S: Укажите соответствия:

L1: оболочка

L2: уксус

L3: кислота

L4: свечи

R1: coating

R2: vinegar

R3: acid

R4: suppositories

R5: mixture

S: Укажите соответствия:

L1: nonprescription drugs

L2:  drug store

L3: limited term of action

L4: biovailability

R1: безрецептурные препараты

R2: аптека магазин

R3: ограниченный срок действия

R4: биодоступность

R5: ядовитые вещества


S: Предложение, где –ing выполняет функцию обстоятельства.

: Preparing the solution the pharmacist stirred it constantly.

: Waters having appreciable amounts of dissolved salts are always more acceptable for drinking.

: I’ve prepared the solution containing sulphate.

: Carbohydrates are compounds containing the elements of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.


S: Предложение, где –ed  часть сказуемоего.

: The prepared solution contains alkaloids.

: We used this substance for diluting the obtained mixture.

: Salts are produced by the interactin of acids and bases.

: Compounds are substances compoused of two or more elements.


S:Предложение, где –ed выполняет функцию определение.

: The obtained substance contains a small amount of chloride.

: The alkali metals are rapidly oxidized on exposure to air.

: The solution was heated and then cooled.

: These elements caused the precipitation of sodium bicarbonate.


S: Поставьте главгол в Continuous Active:

We observe how these salts ### (to dissolve) in water.

: are dissolving


S:At present production of synthesized  carbohydrates…into a new industry.

: had developed

: has developed

: has been developed

: has developed


S:This reaction started after alkali…to the solution.

: have added

: had added

: has been added

: had been added


S: Поставьте главгол в Active/Passive Perfect.

Copper ### (to detect) by the blue colour produced on addition of excess of ammonia.

: had been detected


S: Поставьте глагол в Active/Passive Perfect.

The distillation of volatile oils by means of water or steam ### (to practice)for long.

: has been practiced


S: Proteins…by heat.

: coagulate

: is coagulate

: to be coagulated

: are coagulated


S: He…water into a test tube now.

: pour

: is pouring

: pouring

: pours


S: Water dissolves a part of nearly everything with which it … in contact

: is coming

: come

: comed

: comes


S: Установите соответствия.

 L1: are heating

L2: is precipitated

L3: had been

L4: will have been mixed

R1: Present Continuous Active

R2: Present Indefinite Passive

R3: Past Perfect Active

R4: Future Perfect Passive

R5: Present  Indefinite Active


S: Укажите безличное предложение.

: It is rare element.

: It is important to follow this rule while preparing a drug.

: It was very difficult task.

: It is said that this drug has adverse reactions.


S: Предложение со сложным подлежащим.

: It is known that these substances are readily soluble in water.

: It is necessary this drug to be ordered.

: They determined the drug was very poisonous.

: The drug was determined to be very poisonous.


S: Предложение с самостоятельным причастным оборотом.

: Phosphate being an important major constituent of raw materials, its study is also of particular interest.