Running Eclipse for the First Time on Athena. Testing Java Code with JUnit. Initial Setup. Checking Out From CVS

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6.170 Laboratory in Software Engineering Fall 2005

Problem Set 0: Introduction to 6.170

Due: Thursday, September 15, 2005 at 1:00pm  Handout PS0


•  Initial Setup 

•  Introduction 

•  Problem 1: Running Eclipse for the First Time on Athena 

•  Problem 2: Checking Out From CVS  o           Using CVS From Eclipse on Athena  o       More Practice with Checking out Modules from CVS  o           Using CVS From Other Environments  o        Editing Java Code in Eclipse 

•  Problem 3: Working with Java in Eclipse  o        Eclipse Tip:Autocompletion 

•  Problem 4: Warm-Up Exercise -- RandomHello  o        No need to reinvent the Wheel  o Viewing documentation for source code  o      Using java.util.Random 

•  Problem 5: Testing Java Code with JUnit 

•  Problem 6: Answering Questions About the Code 

•  Problem 7: Getting a Real Taste of Java -- Balls and Boxes  o             a. Warm-Up: Creating a Ball  o           b. Using Pre-Defined Data Structures  o         c. Implementing Algorithms 

•  Problem 8: Turning In Your Problem Set 

•  What to Turn In 

•  Optional Tutorial Problems 

•  Hints 

•  Errata 

•  Q & A 

Welcome to 6.170. You may notice that this Problem Set is some 20-odd pages in length. DON'T PANIC! In view that some of you may be new to Java, we have added quite a few screenshots and detailed instructions so that you will be able to complete this Problem Set with as much help as you need. Most of the problems consist of following instructions to set up the configuration of your Eclipse IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and some simple exercises to help you become familiar with the tools that you will use for the rest of the course. 

For the first problem set only, we encourage you to work in pairs, collaborating as much as you like, without constraint. If you know Java forwards and backwards, feel free to help a fellow student. If Java is all new to you, ask another student for help, along with the LAs, the TAs, and (if you corner them) the lecturers. However, you will submit your problem set and be graded independently. We urge you not to let your buddy "help" you by doing everything for you; this will just make your life harder on the next problem set. 


Initial Setup

You must do this step FIRST, even if you are working from home 

Before doing any work (problem sets, labs, etc.) for 6.170, you need to set up your 6.170 environment on Athena. (Once you set up your environment, you will not need to do it again this semester.) Even if you choose to work from home, you will ultimately be submitting your files on Athena filesystem, so you must perform this step. On dialup, or while logged in at an Athena workstation, type the following commands at your athena% prompt: 

add 6.170

If you see the message 6.170 setup complete, then you are done. You must logout and login again for the changes to take effect. This script will add some lockers and set some environment variables that are required for 6.170. These changes will be documented in your ~/.environment file. If you see an error message when running, then contact the course staff for assistance. 



In this assignment, you will learn how to edit, run and test Java code. We will introduce several tools to help you with these tasks, namely

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