Asking the way. Which is the Quickest Way to the Centre? Take the Street on Your Right

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                                                                      ASKING THE WAY

Which is the Quickest Way to the Centre?

Smith: Excuse me, sir.

Passer-by: Yes, what is it?

S: Which is the quickest way to the centre, please?

P: Let me think... Oh, yes. Take number 26 bus and go as far as Trafalgar Square.

S: Will that be the very centre of London?

P: Yes, of course. That’s the very centre of London.

Take the Street on Your Right.

S: Pardon me, sir. I want to get to the British Museum. Can you show me the way there, please?

P: Why, yes. Hmm. Let me think.. Well, take the street on your right and go straight as far as the little church.

S: Yes, how do I go then?

P: Then you’ll turn to your left and go another two blocks.

S: Isn’t it more convenient for me to go there by bus?

P: No, there isn’t a very good bus service there. You’ll  just lose time.

Am I Right for the British Museum?

Smith: Excuse me. Am I right for the British Museum?

Boy: The British Museum? Let me think... I’m sorry to say you aren’t. You’ll have to go back one block and then turn to your left. You’ll go along that street straight to the north as far as the Museum.

S: Thank you. Isn’t it better for me to get a taxi?

B: Oh, you needn’t. It’s just ten minutes’ walk from here.

S: Thank you ever so much.

B: It’s all right, sir.

Do I Take the Underground?

Smith: Pardon me. Do I take the underground to get to Hyde Park?

Passer-by: Well, it depends on what part of the Park you need.

S: I want to get to Marble Arch.

P: I see. Well, then it will be more convenient for you to go there by bus. The bus stops just round the corner while the nearest underground station is quite a long way.

S: Thank you very much.

P: You are welcome.

On a Bus.

Bill: Excuse me... I want to get to Palladium Theater. Do I get off at the next stop?

Passenger: Well, what’s that stop? Oh no! You go farther. Two or three stops more.

Or ... wait a moment. You may get off here and take another route bus. It’ll be probably quicker.

B: Oh, thank you. I’ll go by bus, just not to change.

P: Yes, it surely more convenient.

You’re Going in the Opposite Direction.

Jess: Excuse me... I want to get to Waterloo Bridge. At what stop do I get off?

Passenger: Waterloo Bridge?... Just a moment. But you are going away from it. The fact is this bus is going in the opposite direction.

Jess: Do you mean to say I’ve taken the wrong bus? P: You should have taken the same route but a bus going in the other direction.

Jess: thank you very much.

Fares, Please!

Jess: Is this the right bus to the Central Park, Conductor?

Conductor: Yes, miss. We go past the Park... Fares, please!

Jess: What’s the fare to the Park?

C: 10 pence (50cents), please... Move ahead. No standing on the platform!

J: Will you let me know when I am to get off?

C: Very well, miss.

You’re Still Standing on my Foot.

George: Pardon me, madam. I’ve got to get off at the next stop.

Lady: It’s very good, but you needn’t push! You nearly knocked me over!

G: I beg you pardon. It’s the bus that threw me off my balance.

L: Hmm ! You are still standing on my foot, young man!

G: Oh, I’m  so sorry. I beg your pardon.

L: All right. Move on, there’s room now.

I Can Give You a Lift.

Harry ( from his car) : Hello, George! Where are you walking so fast?

George: Oh, that’s you, Harry. I’m hurrying to the theatre. I don’t know exactly how long it will take me. I want to be on the safe side.

H: Well, I can give you a lift, if you don’t mind. It’ll be just on my way. Take the front seat. Close the door better. Thank you.

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