I often go to the beach. Yes, me too

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we’ll meet again


1     go to the beach

2     go clubbing

3     go skiing

4     play the clarinet

5     play baseball

6     have a barbecue

7     play cards

8     go horse-riding


A     I often go to the beach.

B     Yes, me too.

A     I often go to the beach.

C     Really? I don’t.

A     I never play cards.

B     No, me neither.

A     I never play cards.

C     Really? I do.


tune in / listen carefully

D     Chris, you were in Venezuela for a couple of years, weren’t you? How did you make friends there?

C     Well, I was really very lucky, because I got a job at the embassy, and at first I met lots of British people through work (aha) but eventually, they introduced me to people from other nationalities too – Americans, Dutch, and also some Venezuelans (aha). I already spoke Spanish, which also helped.

D     Yeah.

C     We used to go to salsa bars and the beach (ooh) which was always great fun. (yeah) Also, I met some people who were really into walking – I’m a great walker, and we used to go to a mountain north of Caracas, and er, do lots of walking there, which I did with the Venezuelans.

D     Oh, lovely.

C     I also very keen sportsman, (I know) and I joined a sports club (hmm) and used to play baseball which is big in Venezuela, and I made lots of friends through that, and after the matches we used to go and have barbecues, which was always great fun, and we had lots to drink and eat.

D     Yeah, I’ll bet!

C     Er. And I got to know, friends, neighbours from work, and uh really a very interesting French woman who used to feed all the local cats.

D     Oh, really?

C     So basically, (ah) I met lots of people from different places, and plenty of nice Venezuelans too.

D     Ah, wonderful.


listening challenge

N     Hey, Liz, when you were in Italy, how did you get to meet people?

L     Oh, well, I was teaching out there, I taught for three years, so I got to know British people through the schools I worked in.

N     Oh, I see.

L     Yeah, and erm, I made friends with my students. (hmm) We used to go out for drinks or a pizza.

N     Oh, right.

L     Yeah. I shared a flat with one of my ex-students as well.

N     Who was Italian?

L     Exactly.

N     Ah, that helped then.

L     so she introduced me to her friends, which was great. I played the clarinet out there (hmhm) and I was in a jazz band (yeah) so I met musicians (ha). Erm, I’m really sporty (I know) as well, so, you know, I used to do a lot of skiing in the winter and horse-riding in the summer, so I met loads of people through that.

N     Oh, that’s great.

L     Erm, the thing is, the Italians, they’re just so friendly, so it’s really easy to get to know them.


A     I got this watch for 20 euros.

B     Wow! I don’t believe it!

A     Peter’s got a job in television.

B     No! I can’t believe it!

A     My grandfather runs three kilometres a day.

B     Wow! That’s incredible!


A     Susie! How are you?

S     Oh, Adam, hi! I’m really well.

A     It’s lovely to see you! You look exactly the same.

S     Really?

A     Yes, you look fantastic. So, what are you doing now?

S     Well…

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