Shh! I’m watching Top of the Pops! Has anyone seen my glasses?

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friends and family


Byron, darling …

… give me a big, big kiss.

Shh! I’m watching Top of the Pops!

Has anyone seen my glasses?

Quiet, dad! I’m watching Top of the Pops!

Agrippine, poor Granny’s not very well…

Mum, be quiet! I’m watching this!

Oh, not now – I’m watching TV.

Oh, it’s you, hi.

What are you doing?

Oh, nothing special. Just watching Top of the Pops.

It’s really boring!!


1     What’s your teacher like?

2     What’s your flat like?

3     What was the party like?

4     What’s Anna’s boyfriend like?


tune in


A     Wow. So, how did you meet her?

B     Well, I was in one of her pop videos.


I was in New York, and I was visiting a friend who did her make-up. (Goodness me!) And I went to the premiere of her latest film and afterwards we went to a party and she was there.

listen carefully

1     Michael

W   You’ve met Kylie? Really? Kylie Minogue?

M    Yep, Kylie Minogue.

W   Wow. So, how did you meet her?

M    Well, I was in one of her pop videos.

W   Oh, that is amazing!

M    I was one of her dancers.

W   Yeah? wh-what’s she like?

M    Oh, she’s a really great dancer.

W   But, what’s she like as a person?

M    Oh, oh, she’s lovely. She’s so down-to-earth, and she works so hard. She’s one of these people who really knows what she wants, at the same time, she can have a good laugh too. But when it’s time to work, you have to work, but that’s OK.

W   Hmm, that’s interesting. And do you see her a lot?

M    No. We worked with her for two weeks.

W   That’s amazing! You’ve met Kylie. Incredible.

2     Roger

G    Jennifer Aniston! Where did you meet her?

R     I was in New York, and I was visiting a friend who did her make-up.

G    Goodness me!

R     And I went to the premiere of her latest film and afterwards we went to a party and she was there.

G    Did you get to speak to her?

R     Yes, for quite a long time.

G    What’s she like?

R     She’s really nice. She’s charming, intelligent, and she really wants to become… not just a famous actress, you know, but a really good actress.

G    Oh, that’s interesting.

R     Yeah. She seemed very confident and controlled, but in some ways she isn’t. I mean, OK, she’s famous for her television work, you know, Friends, but she really wants to do well in films.

G    Really?

R     Yeah, anyway, she’s a lovely person.

G    Have you seen her again?

R     No, unfortunately.


listening challenge

D     Wow! You’ve met Ralph Fiennes.

L     Hmm.

D     Where did you meet him?

L     Oh, it was a long time ago. I was um, 23. I did a play with him at the Royal Shakespeare Company.

D     Fantastic. What’s he like?

L     Oh, lovely, really nice. I haven’t seen him for quite a while – he’s, he’s been in Hollywood, but he’s so, er, normal, so ordinary.

D     Ah, interesting.

L     Yeah, oh, I do remember one funny thing – erm, this was a long time ago, I met him at a party and he told me this story, true story. He said he got a phone call and his wife took the phone call and she said, ‘it’s Steven Spielberg on the phone’. Well, of course he didn’t believe her, but you know what? It was Steven Spielberg.

D     Wow.

L     And he was phoning to ask him to be in Schindler’s List.

D     Really?


1     Who is Dannii Minogue’s sister?

2     Who is Ralph Schumacher’s brother?

3     Who is Julio Iglesias’s son?

4     Who is Brooklyn and Romeo Beckham’s father?

5     Who was Princess Diana’s mother-in-law?


Robert’s boss

Kate’s daughter

Paul’s girlfriend

Emma’s ex-boyfriend


A     OK, so let’s see – Mary, she’s obviously Robert’s mother, isn’t she?

B     Yeah, that’s right.

A     OK, and this girl here, is that Robert’s sister?

B     Yeah, that’s right, Kathy…

A     Yeah, they look like brother and sister, don’t they? (hmm) So, erm, who’s this Sally woman then?

B     Oh, that’s Robert’s new girlfriend. She’s lovely, actually. Much nicer than his last girlfriend, erm, Harriet – that one there. She was very strange.

A     Yeah, she looks it. So, that means Anna must be his boss?

B     Yeah, that’s right.


Maria and Carmen both come from Spain.

They both live in Barcelona.

They’re both journalists.

Both of them speak English very well.


David and Lynne

L     David, have you got any brothers and sisters?

D     Yes, I have. I’ve got an older sister, and a younger brother.

L     Oh, right. And what do they do?

D     My sister is a television director, and my brother’s a student. (Wow!) He’s studying to become a doctor.

L     Hey!

D     And how about you? Do you have brothers and sisters?

L     Yes, I’ve also got a brother and a sister.

D     Ah! And what do they do?

L     Er, my brother is an engineer, and my sister’s a teacher.

D     Ah! What age group does she teach?

L     Er, she teaches in a secondary school.

D     Ah.

Seema and Roger

R     What was your last family celebration?

S     Erm, last year – summer – we all went to Delhi, (wow) to see my grandmother.

R     Fantastic!

S     That was fantastic! Yeah. And you?

R     Erm, my, my brother, erm, it was his fortieth recently, so, erm, fortieth birthday, so we all met up there.

S     Fantastic! Big party?

R     Great party, thank you.

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