Mum, is anyone coming to dinner this evening? Yes, Uncle Bill and Auntie Jean

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free time


1     Mum, is anyone coming to dinner this evening?

        Yes, Uncle Bill and Auntie Jean.

2     Oh, no!

3     What are we doing on Sunday?

        Oh, I don’t know… we could go shopping …

4     Ugh!

5     What are we doing in the Easter holidays?

        I told you. We’re going to the seaside with your cousins.

6     Ugh!

7     So when are we going to California?

        Oh, ha, ha, very funny.

8     Oh yeah?

9     Most parents organize things for their kids.


10   Well, how about going abroad this summer?

        You could go and stay with a Spanish family and study Spanish.

11   WHAT?

12   STUDY IN MY HOLIDAYS? No way. I’m staying here!


A     We could go to the cinema.

B     Hmm. Maybe.

A     OK. How about renting a video?

B     Yes, good idea.

A     We could go for a burger.

B     Oh, I don’t like burgers very much.

A     Well, what about going for a pizza?

B     Yeah, lovely.


Football is extremely popular in my country.

Gardening isn’t very popular with young people.

Programmes about cookery are quite common.



Well, on Friday evening, I’m going to meet some friends, because there’s a birthday, and so I think there’s going to be a barbecue party. On Saturday morning, I’d like to do some shopping if possible, and I might have my hair cut, I think it’s necessary, and erm, in the evening, I might rent a video. All parts of the Godfather trilogy. On Sunday, erm, I’d like to go to the sea, perhaps to Brighton, just for the day.


Well, this weekend I’m going to invite some friends round for lunch on Saturday, so I’m going to do some shopping first, and then Saturday evening, I’d like to just stay in and do nothing, really. And then on Sunday, I might go swimming with my son, if I can get up early enough, and after that, er, I’d like to go to the park, maybe have some lunch, and Sunday evening, I, I, I might meet some friends.


I was at the beach all day on Saturday.

It’s going to be sunny all week.

The dog was barking all night.

We speak Italian in class all the time.


A     Would you like to come over this evening?

B     Yes, great! I’d love to.

A     Do you want to come shopping tomorrow?

B     I’d love to, but I can’t.


tune in / listen carefully

N     Hello?

J     Hello, Nadia? It’s Jon.

N     Hello?

J     Hello, Nadia, it’s, it’s Jon, from, from the party, from Jack’s party the other night.

N     Oh, yes. Hello.

J     Hello, how are you?

N     I’m fine, how about you?

J     Oh, yeah, I’m great, I’m great.

N     Good.

J     So, yeah, it was really nice to see you the other night, and er …

J     … well, erm, I was wondering, erm - what are you doing this evening?

N     Oh, I’m busy this evening. I’m seeing my sister tonight.

J     Oh, right, right.

N     Erm, I am free tomorrow.

J     Oh, oh, right, er, tomorrow, tomorrow, let me see – er, ooh, ah, I can’t, I can’t really do tomorrow. I’m having dinner with my boss.

N     Oh.

J     Erm, but I’m, I’m free the day after.

N     The day after. Yeah, that, that’s fine, actually.

J     Yeah?

N     Yeah!

J     Well, would you like to see a film? There’s a couple of really nice films down at the Odeon.

N     Great! Yes, I’d love to.

J     All right.

N     Erm, OK, erm, where shall we meet?

J     Erm, why don’t we meet outside the cinema?

N     OK, and, and when?

J     Erm, well, there’s an eight-forty film, so how about, erm, 8.30?

N     That’d be fine. OK, well, I, I’ll see you then.

J     Great!

N     Thanks.

J     Goodbye!

N     Bye! Yeeees!


listening challenge

M    Hello?

N     Hi, Monty, it’s me.

M    Hello, baby! How are you?

N     I’m fine, thanks. How are you?

M    I’m OK.

N     Erm, look, Monty, something’s happened at work, and I can’t see you on Thursday.

M    Oh, but I’ve got tickets for the opera.

N     I know, and I was really looking forward to it. I’m so sorry.

M    Maybe I could change them to Saturday.

N     Oh, I don’t think I can do Saturday either. I’m really busy all week. Erm, look, I, I’ll give you a call – all right, Monty?

M    OK.

N     Bye, then.

M    Bye.

N     Oh, dear.

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