The best thing about living in a city is the nightlife. The worst thing is the traffic. The best thing about my flat is the location

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The best thing about living in a city is the nightlife.

The worst thing is the traffic.

The best thing about my flat is the location.

The worst thing is the noise.


A     Have you ever lived abroad?

B     Yeah, I have.

A     Where was that?

B     South America – I worked in Rio for a while.

A     And how long were you there?

B     Ooh, about nine months – it was about ten years ago now.

A     Really? Did you like it?

B     Yeah, I loved it – it was fascinating. Completely different from Europe.


A     Have you ever been to America?

B     No, never. How about you?

A     Yes, once. I went to a friend’s wedding in New York.

A     Have you ever made bread?

B     Yeah, lots of times. And you?

A     Yes, a couple of times, but it was horrible.


How long does it take to get there?

It’s a five-minute drive.

It’s a ten-minute bus ride.

It’s a twenty-minute walk.


tune in

I need to get to Big Sound Studios

I need to change some money too, I’ve got some dollars

is there a place I can get some coffee and a snack maybe?

listen carefully

D     Hi.

R     Hi.

D     I’m Dane Crystal. I’m staying in room 101. (right) I need to get to Big Sound Studios.

R     Oh, that’s very near.

D     Oh, OK.

R     Erm, it’s about a five-minute walk, erm, if you, if you want to walk.

Erm, all you need to do is go to the end of the road here (end of the road, OK), when you get to the station (yeah), you need to turn left, (turn left) and then the studios are just there, again, on the left, I mean, it’s really not far.

D     I don’t need to take a cab.

R     Oh, no, not at all, not at all.

D     OK, OK. I need to change some money too, I’ve got some dollars, and I’d like to turn them into pounds if you guys do that.

R     Yeah, no, unfortunately, we can’t change any money in the hotel (OK) but erm, there’s a bank just down the road, it’s called the Euro Bank (the Euro Bank), erm yeah,it’s just down the road, on the opposite side.

D     I think I passed it.

R     Yeah, it’s just after the market

D     OK, I’ll find it. And I’ve got a little time before I need to get to the studio so, er, is there a place I can get some coffee and a snack maybe?

R     Oh, yeah, sure, there’s a little snack bar erm, just next door to here.

D     Oh, OK.

R     Yeah. Or, actually, erm, if you want, there’s a pizza place.

D     Oh, yeah, pizza would be good.

R     yeah, it’s just, erm, on the corner, er, opposite the cinema, just down there, next to the pub.

D     OK.

R     Yeah, so it’s called ‘Pizza House’ (Pizza House). Yeah.

D     I’ll find it.

R     OK.

D     Thanks a lot for your help.

R     Thank you very much.

D     Bye bye, have a good day.

R     See you later.


listening challenge

A     Dane!

D     Andy! Good to see you, buddy!

A     Dane Crystal! Good to meet you at last. Did you find the studio OK? Was it…

D     I got great directions, Andy, from the receptionist.

A     Good, good. Now tell me, about the flight – was everything all right for you?

D     Was great. I got upgraded!

A     Upgraded.

D     They put me in first class! First class all the way!

A     Tell me, is everything all right at the hotel? Are you happy?

D     Yeah, the hotel’s great. Got a nice big spacious room. Couldn’t be happier.

A     Fantastic. Listen, I’m taking you out for lunch. There’s a really nice place near the hotel, and – it’s French.

D     Oh, gosh, I love French food.

A     I know you love French food. It’s opposite the pizza place. Have you seen it?

D     I passed it on the way here.

A     Grab your jacket – we’ll go! Come on!

D     All right, buddy!


J     Beth, what’s that, opposite your house?

B     That’s the tennis court.

J     Really? Do you play?

B     In the summer, we do, yeah.

J     And what’s that at the end of the road?

B     Ah, the park.

J     Oh, lovely. What’s it like?

B     It’s lovely, it’s really small and peaceful, you know, it’s nice.

J     Fantastic. So you’ve got a tennis court and a park.

B     I know, we’re really lucky.

J     And, what’s that, on the corner?

B     The White Horse, our local, erm, local pub; it’s a bit noisy. I haven’t actually been there.

J     And, how about this, opposite the pub?

B     The Chinese restaurant?

J     Have you ever been there?

B     Yeah, we’ve been there lots of times. We went there last week, actually.

J     Did you? (yeah) Is it expensive?

B     No, not really, no.

J     And what’s that, next to the Chinese?

B     The chemist’s? Oh, yeah, it’s really useful, having that there. Yeah.

J     And this, down the road from the chemist’s?

B     That’s the doctor’s surgery.

J     How far is it?

B     It’s a five-minute walk.

J     And that’s your doctor?

B     Yeah – but I haven’t actually been there, so, that’s good.

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