Methods and techniques of sales promotion. Introduction, страница 2

-  articulates market position of the product, it contains information about the specifics of its use, different from competitors' products;

-  It promises significant benefits to the consumer when purchasing the goods, which displayed its advantages, to create a positive image formed by other background preferences, and the title of an advertising appeal, and illustrating it, and in the style of delivery of text and graphic materials;

-  It contains successful advertising idea - the original and at the same time easy to understand;

-  It creates a thoughtful details in the image of the goods - the stereotype that increases its value in the eyes of consumers;

-  It underlines the high quality of the offered goods and at the same time the level of performance associated with this high quality;

-  original and therefore not boring, does not repeat the well-known, boring solutions;

-  It has a precise target orientation, different needs, desires and interests of specific customers and informing them so as to take account of differences in consumer demand in a particular advertising audience;

-  draws attention to that achieved successful artistic and textual decisions placing an advertisement in the media, enjoying a high reputation, who read, listen, watch those to whom advertising is designed;

-  It focuses on the new and unique features and qualities of the product, which is a prerequisite for its success in the market and the most effective component of advertising argumentation;

-  It focuses on the essentials, without complicating offers only what is important for the consumer, and refers directly to him.

Advertising in the media is different impact on the general population, and therefore suitable for products and services and the consumer mass market.

When it comes to choosing the media, the basic arguments "for" and "against" the adoption of alternative solutions are: line advertising target groups potentially interested in the advertised product; popularity among their publication or transmission of the lottery or, respectively, the audience of viewers or listeners; the level of tariffs for advertising space or airtime; Geography distribution or action. Of course, take into account the specific features of vehicles for advertising.

The complex advertising campaigns, including ads in the press, on radio, television, outdoor advertising on billboards, are built on the same advertising creative ideas and discoveries, so that each possible means of dissemination of advertising complement each other.

Sales promotion

Marketing manager must be able to anticipate, plan, organize, motivate, communicate and control. From it requires the ability to manage, motivate and inspire a group of predominantly extrovert sellers have the skills to solve human problems

Planning functions assume responsibilities:

-  Functions action

-  Control Functions

Managing sales (possibly with the participation of the personnel department) must have a detailed description of functions of the seller of a certain type and a list of attributes, characteristics and requirements to be met by the seller.

Good seller must possess a number of qualities such as good health, energy, determination, faith in yourself, your company and its products, the ability to think like a buyer, intelligence to development of new knowledge, the efficient organization of the workplace, etc., individually (within limits), good looks, poise


Included in the "structure of promotion", and is the way the product is presented for sale.


Sponsorship - recently appeared promotional tool. Sponsorship - this is the company's participation in the cost of holding mass events (a concert or sporting event). Often the sponsor provides large cash prizes to the winners. Sometimes the sponsor is funding the team and individual players.

The objectives of sponsorship are:

• Good awareness of the products or services;

• Associating the image of the sport with products;

• Awareness impossible in another way.


Any action aimed at the company's successful development should be calculated in advance, taking into account all factors that may affect the marketing project, because one wrong decision could lead the company to large losses as well organized and on time - to obtain additional profit.