The application of the Ion-plasma technological installation for creation of protective and decorative coverings on widely used wares

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К плакату 1: Dear high commission. The degree work of student of 461p group Pusynya Tatyana on a theme “The application of the Ion-plasma technological installation for creation of protective and decorative coverings on widely used wares” is presented to your attention. The aim of work is the designing of ion-plasma technological installation that gives us the opportunity to create the protective covering on the wares produced of metal, plastic and glass. This covering should make the wares more attractive for consumers.

The tasks of the work were following:

1. To develop the technological chamber of device;

2. To calculate of the main parameters of the accelerator with anode layer (AAL) and to calculate the parameters of technological source;

3. To develop the algorithm of technological process coating on the metal wares;

4. To develop the technique of estimation for substrate heating mode when the coating takes place.

The technological part deals with the development of the route cart for technological process for one of the possible wares. As the example, a ring was chosen. The technological equipment was designed for its manufacturing. Also, the coating technological process has been worked out for manufacturing of costume jewellery. The ion-plasma technological installation has been designed for realization of this process.

The design part of diploma deals with designing ion-plasma technological installation vacuum system, the turbomolecular and mechanical pumps were chosen for ensuring the necessary vacuum when the installation is switched on, also, the necessary elements were chosen for creation the system. The technological sources were chosen for realization of technological process. The magnetron sputtering system was chosen as the main material source. The accelerator with the anode layer was chosen for realization of part surface preparation process. The design of technological sources and choice of material has been worked out.

The designed IPTI allows performing the surface preparation and drawing protective and decorative covering on the surface of various accessories in a one cycle of processing. The surface preparation is performed with the help of accelerator with the anode layer. With it help we can obtain the fine-grain structure of the covering. AAL has an elongated shape and it gives us an opportunity to clean the surface evenly nevertheless its little shape. The magnetron sputtering system is the technological source that is used for drawing the covering. The advantage of MSS are: the high quality of the covering, covering purity (no drop phase in MSS), high film adhesion to substrate, low temperature mode of system “generator-substrate”.

The technological equipment has been developed for mounting processing wares with the special mechanisms of its rotation. It’s possible to change the character of wares rotation when AAL and MSS are working. It means that the wares can be rotated around the technological installation long axis, they can realize the planetary motion around the same axis or they can be rotated only around the long axis of each ground drums. The time of changing motion depends on the technological process needs. Such wares movements provide the high quality of surface preparation and drawing evenness on the wares with the various shapes and dimensions.  плакат ТЕХОТСЕК

The calculations have been performed for determination of the main working parameters for AAL and MSS. It’s supposed that the most widely used operating mode for MSS is the following:

Operating current ~ 15 А, operating voltage ~ 500 В, the velocity of deposition is 35.8 нм/s

It’s supposed that the most widely used operating mode for AAL is the following:

Operating current ~ 13 А, operating voltage ~ 86 В.

The storage and feeding systems have been worked out. The working gas is argon and the reagent gas is nitrogen.   Плакат СХПРТ

The calculations of reliability for obtained covering thickness and of durability of cover in the the vacuum chamber were worked out too.

The preventive safety measures complex have been proposed to provide the safe work at the designed equipment in the safety part. Also, the calculation of service ground was done.

The economic part deals with the approximate calculation of unit part prime cost during the coating.

The speciality part deals with the consideration of the substrate heat mode with the help of magnetron sputtering system. The literature review of this topic and the analysis of the materials have been.

The necessary dependences were defined for creating the estimation algorithm of the substrate heating mode when the coating takes place. The software is created for estimating the heating substrate mode. Here you can see the graphics:

1.  the material distribution on the substrate surface;

2.  the heat flow distribution on the substrate surface.

The software gives us the opportunity to calculate the main parameters of the magnetron sputtering system such as operating current, input power, the quantity of the settled atoms at the substrate, function of material dispersion on the substrate, quantity of atoms, sputtered from the target –cathode.

The substrate temperature, while the covering is drawing on it’s surface, is the important factor determining the basic properties of coverings – its view, structure, adhesion and mechanical properties. While the covering is drawing, the surface of substrate in the zone of sputtering is heating. Controllable heating of the ware improves properties of coverings and allows to adjust physical and chemical interaction of materials of the basis and covering during the moment of sputtering.

Thank you for attention, report is over.

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