Read the statements and decide which are true and false. Read, translate the text and answer the questions, страница 2

Задание №4

HDM груп

Фрейденштрассе 12-14                         81671      Мюнхен, Германия

телефон: +498934556776                                  факс: +498934559189

электронная почта:


12 ноября 20....

Михаил Тернов руководитель, ответственный за производство и реализацию изделия ОДЗР ОАО

Смольная 21



Уважаемый господин Тернов,

Благодарю за ваш запрос от 9 ноября относительно нашего оборудования, которое вы увидели на Международной ярмарке машинного оборудования в Лейпунге,

В ответ на определенные вопросы вашего письма позвольте мне, во-первых, сказать, что мы готовы рассмотреть существенные скидки на заказы суммой более 200000 евро.

Все наше оборудование находиться на гарантии в течение 3 лет при нормальном использовании, и у нас есть несколько агентств — в вашей стране с механиками, обученными у нас, чтобы обслуживать все наши изделия.

По отношению к упомянутым сроком оплаты, мы бы рассмотрели оплату 30 дневным переводом векселем, документы против принятия, если только вы могли предлагать двум рефери.

Мы можем выполнить заказы в течение 3 месяцев, если нет определенных спецификаций, которые могут занять немного больше времени, и вы можете купить оборудование у нас или через наших агентов в вашей стране.

Направляем наш текущий каталог и прейскурант, указывающий стоимость завода-поставщика, которые вы запрашивали и мы думаем, вы можете найти надежное оборудование на страницах 101-110 особенно интересным для работы, которую вы имеете в виду. Если вы нуждаетесь в какой-то дальнейшей информации, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нами, мы будем рады предоставить ее.

Искренне ваш,

Питер Хааг

Руководитель отдела продаж.

1.  The prospective buyeers learned about the machinery at the International Machinery fair in Leipzig.

2.  Yes, the manufactures offer discounts on orders over 200000 euros.

3.  The guarantee period is three years

4.  Yes, the firm offers the service in its agencies in Russia

5.  The form of payment suggested by the manufacturer is 30-day bill exchenge

6.  The orders can be fulfilled within three months

7.  Yes, there are some enclosures current catalog ant price-list of ex-works

Задание №6

1.  The order form was accompanied by a letter of transmittal

2.  The consignment is still in stock and will be sent to the docks the day atfer tomorrow

3.  The goods can be delivered from stock ware house as soon as we get shipping space.

4. The guality of the goods does not comply with samples on the basis of which the order was placed

5. As agreed upon in the contract the goods will be delivered in 3 lots of 5 machines each

6.          This dispute might result in litigation if you will not execute the terms of

7.  Delay in delivery is a gross infringement of the contact

8.  Certificate of origin will accompany each shipment

9.  Preliminary tests showed that the capacity was somewhat lower than

10. Goods were loaded on board in good state there fore the captain issued a "clean"

11. The Carrier is responsible for damage to the goods as it occurred in transit

12.  In what case are there no limitations for proprietary right?

13.  Consignor can"t daim for a lot as they have not submitted

Задание №7

1.  I offer to correct delivery terms because the delay is possible because of strike of transport workers

2.  We ask to make exact when the agreement come info foree

3.  Our stocks of rau material are very small. If we'll not find ofher supplier, we have to suspend the production

4.  The delay in delivery has taken place on supplier fault, that is a gross infringement of the contract

5.  We insist on reduction of price on 10% because the goods are not faulty

6.  Parties have developed the agreement

7.  The contract provides delivery in October

8.  The dispute will be solved in arbitration

9.  We have the right to cancel the contract

10.  When we placed the order, we did not know about problems, which can arise with introduction of new customs rules

11.  The customer asked to renew the letter of credit

12.  We'll write the complete set of clean shipped bills of landing

13.  You should write the rest in this column

Задание №8

Dear Sirs,

Thank you for the reconsidered prices and samples of wheat sent us. We are convinced, that your wheat will meet our regui rements.

There fore we place the trial order for 50'000 tons ou a sample 16. To the letter we are enclosing the offical form of the order for the present goods. The order provides an account proforma wich should include data concerning discounts. This order is valid at the condition of delivery till December,15. There-fore we reserve the right to cancel the order and to return the party at your risk and at your expense at any time after this date/

As we for the first time conclude the bargain with you, we think, you want that we pay by irrevocable letter of credit.

Our bank, Vnesheconom bank of RF, will open a letter of credit in your favour to the amount of invoice, FOB Vancouver.

We hope this ofter is acceptable.

Our bank will inform you what documents and how many copies are to present. The letter of credit will be opened only by granting documents.

We look forward for your answer and hope for the further trade.

Yours faith fully.