Submesothelial caverns of parietal peritoneum and pleurae

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R.S.Minigazimov, G.R.Minigazimova

(Ufa, Bashkir State Medical University, Russia)

Submesothelial caverns of parietal peritoneum and pleurae

We investigated a relief structure of mesothelium surface, basal membranes (after mesothelial cells cleaning), and also a structure of fibrouse layers of diaphragmatosele peritoneum and pleurae (DPP) in the human body by using traditional and developed by us methods.

On surface DPP a numbers of fissured excavations and wheel-shaped eminences with asymmetrical slopes, the sizes 50-300 microns are situated. Due to mechanical influence the site of surface DPP in these sulci and on eminences freely changes, sinking down or acting on 10-50 a micron, accordingly. These local sites of a surface consisting of superficial fibrous layer (SFL), basal membranes (BM) and a layer of mesothelial cells, detached as a film from deep fibrous layers, represent undulance diaphragms of submesothelial cavities. Diaphragm BM is punched by set of apertures in diameter 1-2 microns. Located in one number, collagen fibers (CF) SFL of diaphragm are concentrate in a individual, connected with BM trabeculae, which limited a site of diaphragm as square-shaped or polygonal fenestras. Laying in a one plane with diaphragm in an opposite phase of a sinusoid wave in length of a half-period of a sinuosity 50 microns, two next trabeculae about 15 microns in diameter, are limit one fenestra as rounded square-shaped frameworks, about 50 microns in diameter. Under the diaphragm on its contour, the tangential fabric crack filled with a serous liquid passing are settle down, more deeply it is passed at narrow fissured in a hatch. The orifice limited to large fascicles CF, width and depth 30-50 microns, deeply opens in a free cavity in thickness of a deep fibrous layer. Cavity is a 30-60 microns depth rather extensive a tangential fabric crack without matrix and mesothelial covered, irregular-shaped on a projection and the sizes on it from 0,2х0,2 mm up to 0,5х3 mm. Between opposite parietes of a cavity and its hatch through free space are frown large trabeculae, passing in fascicles of paries of collagenic fibres. In structure of walls vessels closely approach to a gleam of a cavity and its hatches. Walls of them frequently directly appear in a gleam of a cavity as platens.

Submesothelial cavities separated from cavity of celia by one layer of mesothelial cells.

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