Контрольная работа № 2 по дисциплине «Английский язык» (Перевод текста "Экономическая эффективность")

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Санкт-Петербургский государственный

инженерно-экономический университет

Кафедра иностранных языков

Контрольная работа № 2

по дисциплине «Английский язык»

Вариант № 3

Студент Ураков Антон Олегович

Форма обучения заочная

Срок обучения 5 г. 10 мес.

Факультет региональной экономики и управления

Специальность: 080504

Группа № 7/481

Дата выполнения: 29.05.10                Подпись:

Проверил ____________________________________


2010 г.


1. Supply the correct article where necessary.

1.  It’s a good market for our goods. We know prices on the world market for this type of  _ compressors.

2.  Rossexport was ready to offer Mr. Walker 20 machine-tools of the latest model at a price of 20$ per _ unit. But Mr. Walker couldn’t accept the price.

3.  I’d like two tickets for the 11.30 express to Manchester. Which platform is the train due to arrive at?

4.  It was a very hot day and I was glad that I was traveling a short distance.

5.  All our buyers are satisfied with the capacity of the machine.

6.  The assembly shops of a new plant have the modern facilities to rest and check the pumps thoroughly.

7.  The members of the House of Commons are elected by _ secret ballot.

8.  I’ll have to look into the matter.

9.  The number of goods we sell to _ foreign companies is very large.

10.We enclose with the letter all the particulars concerning _ technical characteristics of the model.

2.  Supply the correct prepositions where necessary.

1.  For the order of that size we can give you a 2% discount on the value of the goods.

2.  The train stops at every small station.

3.  We look forward to establishing business relations with your company.

4.  The pumps of this company are more reliable in operation as compared to pumps of other companies.

5.  The exhibition was held under the motto: Peace to economic cooperation.

6.  We thank _ you for your enquiry on the 23rd March for pumps to the delivery in June.

7.  - At what price do you sell them?

-  _ pounds for square meter.

8.  As the Seller was responsible for their defects which were found in the     equipment, they had to correct them for their expense.

9.  We are proud of progress which is made by our country in the field of science.

10. I know that the guarantee period is 12 months since the date of putting the pumps to operation.

3.  Supply the correct tense-forms.

1.       - When did you arrive at the airport yesterday?

-  I had arrived at the airport by 7 o’clock.

2.  What discount will give us if we place a trial order for 500 computers.

3.  You once delivered me an order with a six month’s delay.

4.  If the two companies establish business relations, they will be able to conclude profitable transactions.

5.  All right, I’ll give you one last chance.

6.  She is waiting for the manager. She has been waiting for him since she came to the office.

7.  It happened some years ago.

8.  One day when I came back from my office I saw Jack.

9.  Before he went there last Monday he had discussed some business matters with his director and got necessary instruction from him.

10. I phoned Jane to say that a fax had just arrived for her.

4.  Supply the correct tense-forms using the sequence of tenses.

1.  I asked if the plant produced pumps for different application.

2.  We knew that the 2 o’clock train had already started and decided to go by next train.

3.  The manager wondered who would go on business to Germany the following month.

4.  I asked when he was going to arrive.

5.  I didn’t know that it was an overnight train.

6.  – It costs 100$. – I thought it cost 150$.

7.  I asked if you required accommodation for a long time.

8.  – Did you arrange sightseeing trip to Brighton yesterday? – Pardon? – I asked if you arranged sightseeing trip to Brighton. – Yes, I did.

9.  He didn’t know when the train was to start.

10. The production manager said that they had modified their model the previous year.

5.  Supply the correct tense and voice.

1.  It was introduced into the market at the beginning of the year and since then it was a great success.

2.   – Does your company do good business? – Yes. Many transactions are concluded every year.

3.  At the talks the price wasn’t accepted by the Buyers.

4.  The equipment had been tested by 2 o’clock yesterday.

5.   – Have you discussed the terms of the contract yet? – Yes, they were discussed two days ago.

6.  Supply the correct form of the infinitive.

1.  Export packing is to be included into the price.

2.  You should look through the catalogue. It is very interesting.

3.  The capacity of the pumps must increase in the shortest possible time.

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