I and my family. My works day. English customs and traditions. The development of the computer. My Future Specialty

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Let me first introduce myself. My name is Vika. My surname of last name is Shalkinskaya. I was born on the 25 of   Febrayry in Balakovo, Saratov redion. It is a small, but a beautiful town. Now I am a second year student at the Balakovo institute of technique technology and management. In 4 years I’ll be an engineer. My friends say that I am smart, quet and active. I love modern music and sport dance.

I would like to tell you about my family. My father’s name is Anatoli Victorovich. He is engineer by education and bisness man by profession. My mother’s name is Lyudmila Evgenna. She is a doctor. I have a younger brother. Valera is a pupil. Our family is very friendly, we have many friends.

I have finished school No 28 in Balakovo. My favorite subjecs at school were physics, computer scince and mathematics.


My works day.

I live at home with my parents. I am a second year student at the Balakovo institute of technique technology and management. My classes begin at 8:30. So on week-days I have to get up at 6:50. I turn on the radio and I have to serve breakfast, while my farther takes a shower. I take a shower, brush my tuth, brush my hair and put on a light make- up. Then we have breakfast. After that I go back living-room and get dressed. It takes me 30 minutes to get to the institute by bus. The classes begin at 8:30 in the morning and they end 3:00 p.m. We have lectures in different subjects. As a rule we have three or four classes a day. I don’t miss my classes because I want to pass my exams successful. At 11:40 I have lunct. That is the time to share the latest news and to gossip. At 12:10 we have to be back to our classes I come home at about 15:30 o’clock. I lat dinner and ready for my practical classes or to write a repot. Then I watch TV or go special dance. Sometimes I and my friend Juliy go for a walk or visit our friends. At about eleven at night I go to bed.


Our town

I live in Balakovo. The village Balakovo was founded in 1762 by old believes. In 1913 Balakovo was transformed into a town. Our town is the second largest town on Saratov region  with population of about 250 thousand people. Balakovo has a lot of factories, offices, museums, institute of thechnick, technology and management, drama theatre and cinemas. The construction of the hydroelectric power station in 1957 in Balakovo caused the rapid development of industry in our town. In our town there are many different industrial enterprises. Such as the rubber Goods works, hydroelectric power station and Nuclear Station. Our town has 28 schools, 4 professional schools, 2 sport schools, 2 music schools. In our town there are some public gardens and sirde streets. Balakovo is divided into two parts: an old part and a new one. Our town is a wonderful.


Our institute.

The Balakovo Institute is the largest department of the Saratov State Technical University. The construction of the hydroelectric power Station in 1957 in Balakovo caused the rapid development of industry in our town. So it was quite natural that a great number of highly engineers, were needed for different new enterprises of our town.

That is why in 1957 the Balakovo faculty was founded as a department of the Saratov Polytechical Institute. At that time the studies were in a small two storied wooden building. There were  only six professors and 100 students at the faculty.

In 1963 the first 50 students graduated from the institute. They became the civil and mechanical engineers.

Fill the year, 1966 the faculty had only evening classes, now it has both evening and day-time classes.

In 1977 the Balakovo engineering faculty was transformed into a Branch. Three quite independent faculties were organized. They are civil engineering,  and mechanical engineering, and extramural engineering departments.

At present our institute houses in three large modern buildings.

Our Branch has a wonderful sport complex with two sporting halls, a swimming pool, a sports – graund. Many of town’s sport competitions take place in our sport complex.


English customs and traditions.

1.  Every country and every nation has its own customs and traditions.

2.  In England  traditions play a very important part in the life of the people.

3.  Englishmen are proud of their traditions and carefully keep them up.

4.  The English are said to be very conservative.

5.  They are stay0at-home people and often say :’’There is no place like home’’.

6.  They like to spend their days off at home with their families.

7.  Englishmen are very fond of chimneys, that’s why many of them prefer to live in a small house with a garden.

8.  But no matter where the family live – in a modern flat or in a small cottage – there must be a fireplace in an English home.

9.  They say that English people keep to their traditions even in meals.

10. Porridge is the dish Englishmen are very fond of.

11. The English are tea-Drinkers.

12. They like to have ‘’a nice cup of tea’’ 6 or 8 times a day, sometimes even more.

13. There are also a lot of firstivals and simply days on which certain

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