Test on Lesson 1 (Choose the right form of the verb. Make up 5 questions of different types to the sentence)

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Test on Lesson 1                                                                                                                Variant I

I. Choose the right form of the verb:

1. The results of the experiment … next month.

a. are published             b. will be published                   c. published                   d. will publish

2. Yesterday the first-year students … the institute laboratories.

a. see                             b. will see                                   c. saw                             d. were seen

3. Our library … many scientific magazines.

a. had                            b. have                                        c. has                               d. is

4. At Cambridge the training course … 4 years.

a. lasted                        b. lasts                                         c. are                                 d. has

5. Last week we … to the reading-room.

a. don’t go                    b. will not go                             c. didn’t go                      d. were not

6. A new design office … next year.

a. were opened              b. will be opened                         c. is opened                     d. was opened

II. Make up 5 questions of different types to the following sentence:

My sister goes to the institute every day.

III. Translate into Russian:

1. A number of well-known scientists and writers studied at Cambridge.

2. The study of theory is accompanied by practical training.

3. Higher education provides the country with highly-qualified specialists.

4. The styles of teaching are taken into consideration.

Test on Lesson 1                                                                                                             Variant II

I. Choose the right form of the verb:

1. She usually … 6 days a week.

a. study                          b. is studied                          c. studies                            d. will be studied

2. … your books taken from the library?

a. is                              b. am                                      c. was                                    d. were

3. That problem … at the next meeting.

a. was discussed             b. is discussed                        c. will be discussed            d. are discussed

4. They … four exams last semester.

a. had                              b. has                                     c. have                                 d. are

5. He … the grammar rule at the last lesson.

a. don’t understand         b. doesn’t understand         c. didn’t understand         d. won’t understand

6. The lab assistant … his project next week.

a. will finish                   b. finished                            c. finish                             d. is finished

II. Make up 5 questions of different types to the following sentence:

The third-year students will have industrial training next summer.

III. Translate into Russian:

1. Higher education is given in colleges and universities in the USA.

2. At present we study general engineering subjects.

3. Successful students receive grants.

4. Distance learning enables people to get knowledge in different fields.

Test on Lesson 1                                                                                                          Variant III

I. Choose the right form of the verb:

1. The exams … in June.

a. is held                       b. was held                        c. held                                d. are held

2. My friend … the course in English next semester.

a. will take                    b. take                               c. took                                 d. are taken

3. I … my last weekend working in the garden.

a. spend                        b. spends                           c. spent                                d. will be spent

4. She last … in London in 2002.

a. were                           b.had                                c. was                                  d. has

5. The training of engineers … in the next few years.

a. was improved           b. will be improved           c. is improved                     d. are improved

6. He … for his education.

a. don’t pay                 b. doesn’t pay                     c. wasn’t paid                      d. isn’t paid

II. Make up 5 questions of different types to the following sentence:

She entered the Medical Academy last year.

III. Translate into Russian:

1. After four years of studying, they receive a traditional Bachelor’s degree.

2. The students get thorough knowledge in fundamental sciences.

3. In the US colleges the academic year is divided into three terms.

4. Mathematics is “the language of sciences” and plays an important part.

Test on Lesson 1                                                                                                Variant IV

I.  Choose the right form of the verb:

  1. Our institute … several buildings.

a. was                       b. has                                        c. had                          d. is

2. They … a new task tomorrow.

a. shall be given         b. will be given                       c. is given                   d. give

3. The last lecture … at 10 o’clock.

a. will begin                b. begun                                  c. began                      d. begins

4. Our faculty … a new specialized department.

a. will open                  b. will be opened                     c. opens                      d. open

5. After lectures he always … to the computer center.

a. go                            b. went                                       c. goes                        d. is gone

6. The computer … this complex problem.

a. don’t solve               b. isn’t solved                             c. aren’t solved            d. didn’t solve

II.  Make up 5 questions  of different types to the following sentence:

Yesterday she went to the sports center with her friends.

III.  Translate into Russian:

1.  The information coming through the mass media affects every field of study.

2.  Each university is headed by the Rector.

3.  Specialized study and courses will help students prepare for their future work.

4.  After graduating from the University students may get a higher degree.

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