Семестровая контрольная работа по дисциплине "Английский язык", страница 2

45.  It's not the first time Keanu has trimmed (урезать, сокращать) his own pay cheque to make a movie.

46.  Keanu agreed to forfeit his entitlement (отказаться от своей доли) if it meant saving the films disaster.

47.  Most short stories (короткие рассказы) in this collection are only five or six pages long.

48.  Music brings me pleasure and keen(острый) delight and fills my life with great expectations of joy and happiness.

49.  My friend likes horror movie (фильмы ужасов).

50.  My mother likes to watch ballet (балет) and opera (оперу).

51.  Newspapers in Great Britain are of two main types: quality papers or broadsheets and tabloids that are half the size of a broadsheet (полноформатная).

52.  Papers appeal to people with varying (меняться) tastes and interests.

53.  Producers warned the $300 million budget for the films would crash if Keanu insisted on a box office cut (доля от продажи билетов) of worldwide ticket sales.

54.  Proud and independent, Beethoven tried to hide his affictio (недуг) from society, withdrawing into isolation and devoting himself to his work.

55.  Quality papers contain (содержать в себе) political, industrial and cultural news.

56.  Quality papers devote (посвящать) pages to finance matters and business.

57.  Tabloids compress (сжато выражать) the news.

58.  Tabloids report the latest scandal or gossip (сплетня; слухи) in the private lives of famous people.

59.  Thanks to this fact you can make many new friends, you can exchange (обменивать) CDs, records, listen to music together and visit different concerts.

60.  The  two sequels (два последующих фильма) "The Matrix Reloaded", which was on in May, and "The Matrix Revolutions", due out in November, contain the most sophisticated forms of animation and computer-graphics known to man.

61.  The founder (основатель) of the Tretyakov Gallery was Pavel Tretyakov.

62.  The gallery contains (содержит) halls devoted (посвящать) many famous artists.

63.  The gallery has received hundreds of paintings from other galleries and private collections (частные коллекции).

64.  The official who gives the score in tennis is the ampair (судья). (не помню как точно пишется)

65.  The old Moscow, the Kremlin and a lot of different orthodox (православный)cathedrals are painted.

66.  The remarkable native American music called Jazz has risen from obscure (неопределенный, неясный) folk origins to become this country's most significant original art form, loved and played in nearly every land on earth Today.

67.  The world famous icon (всемирно-известная икона) is The Trinity, painted by Rublev.

68.  The cast (труппа) in this theatre is very skillful.

69.  Their team was diffident (побеждена) in the last match.

70.  There are different reasons why people buy periodicals (периодика, периодические издания).

71.  There is a net (сетка) in the middle of the field in tennis.

72.  There is a street where people are in sled yes (сани).

73.  There is always a coach (тренер) in a basketball team.

74.  There was a real danger the projects would be scrapped (выбрасывать за ненадобностью) because of costs until Keanu offered to sign away his share of box office profits.

75.  There was a real danger the projects would be scrapped because of costs until Keanu offered to sign away (подписывать отказ) his share of box office profits.

76.  These photographs are nice. Do you want to look at them? (Эти фотографии хорошие. Сделайте Вас хотеться посмотреть в.........? )

77.  They live in London, but their son lives in Australia.

78.  This author wrote a lot of novels (роман).

79.  This game ended in a draw (ничья).

80.  This painting arouses (пробуждать) some merry holiday feelings.

81.  To play golf you need a clubs (клюшка).

82.  Tretyakov bought the best pictures of contemporary artists (современных художников).

83.  Tretyakov had to add wings (добавлять крылья) to his house more than once.

84.  Turner is a super colourist (художник-колорист).

85.  What is extraordinary is not that Jazz has taken so many forms, but that each form has been vital (жизненный) enough to survive and to retain its own character and special appeal.

86.  When I went to the theatre I was sitting next to an aisle (проход).

87.  Where is she? I want to talk to her.

88.  William Turner began his activity in art as a water-colour (акварель) master.

89.  Without their expertise (искусство, мастерство), these films would not be possible.

90.  Women wear swimming costume (Купальник) for swimming.