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Group presentations

The main objective of making the presentation during the b2b marketing course is to illustrate the chosen topic (covered during the lectures) with the empirical example of b2b company operating in real Russian business environment.

It is better to be consistent with the following structure of the presentation in order to confine oneself in 20 minutes without detriment to the content:

  1. Slide 1 – the topic and the company name, group members, date…
  2. Slide 2 – the structure of the presentation
  3. Slide 3 – the main problems that the b2b company faces concerning the chosen topic
  4. Slide 4-5 (maximum 3 slides) – company profile (introducing the company): industry description, mission and vision, marketing strategy…
  5. Slide 6-9 – the main concepts of the presentation
  6. Slide 10-11 – solutions, results, recommendations
  7. Slide 12 – list of sources.

This is an optional plan for preparing the presentation. After making the presentation you should be ready to answer the questions.

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