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S   U   M   M   A   R   Y

A Workstation for Mathematicians.- Tallinn-Minsk-Moscow, 1999

       This book introduces students and professionals in the different fundamental and applied fields to the workstation for mathematicians. The workstation is integrated environment which is based on three popular mathematical software packages such as (1) famous mathematical engine Maple V5 which is a powerful computational engine, graphics and programming envi-ronment, (2) Standard Math Interactive and (3) Interactive Math Dictionary. The book pre-sents the detailed introduction to the Maple V5 which provide the united software technology for the workstation. Book includes a great number of Maple-examples for illustration of all ge-neral package`s capabilities. Places emphasis on Maple`s capabilities as a programming sy-stem for solving of the different problems of mathematical character in the different fundame-ntal and numerous applied areas.

            A little books on workstations exists for engineers, this is the first domestic book of its kind suitable for use by mathematicians and other specialists of related areas, The presented in the book workstation is a perfect software environment to help you solve your mathematical problems of algebraic or/and numeric character with higher effectivity and design. This book presents an innovative approach to mathematical software based on the integrated environ-ment - computing engine Maple V5, interactive mathematical handbook and dictionary.

            The book consists of fourteenchapters; each chapter describes means of the works-tation for solving various mathematical problems and then provides Maple-fragments based on each capability. General structure of the book can be presented as follows:

Contents of the Book according to Chapters:


            1. Basic Knowledge on Workstation for Mathematicians

            2. Basic Knowledge on the Maple-component of Workstation

            3. Worksheet Interface of the Maple-component of Workstation

            4. Basic Knowledge on the Maple-language of Workstation

            5. General Control Structures of the Maple-language

            6. Internal, Library and Modul Functions. User`s Functions and Moduls

            7. Organization of Procedures in Maple-language of Workstation