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Business Equipment and Systems

Birmingham, England

Dear Mr Ingle

You may remember that our last meeting was concerned the problems in Sales Department of BES. Last year our sales were over 20% below target. And the main cause of these consequences is working environment in Sales Department.

Generally speaking we have two problems. First and the most is that the majority of the team members don’t like their new boss, Nigel Fraser. There are lots of reasons because the team doesn’t have good relations with their leader. Obviously he is quite young for his job. He is very ambitious and his management style is sufficiently strict. So after the previous Sales Manager, Vanessa Bryant, he seems to be not so good leader for the team.

Definitely there is also a problem of communication between team members. All workers can be divided into three parts: people who get on well, shy people or people who aren’t satisfied with their work and people who just hate each other. Some members have personal relationships that doesn’t facilitate the solving of problems.

What is more the characters of all members are very different so it’s not surprisingly that we have such problems. But we have opportunities to deal with these problems.

Firstly we should decide if we really made the right choice of Sales Manager. Eighteen months have passed since Fraser got his job, but we can’t see adequate financial results and the working atmosphere is demotivating. In this case the best solution would be replacement of Fraser. Furthermore the new team leader should be one from the team because we can spend too much time and money trying to find another good leader so we can’t afford it. Today the best candidate for this job is Eliana because she is ambitious experienced and has excellent performance.

Our working environment problem should have a complex solution. On the whole we could organize some teambuilding training. It will be efficient. The outdoor training could be quite interesting. Concerning motivation we could reorganize the working process. E.g. we can divide all members in pairs and give them different tasks. After they do their work we’ll mix the pairs and in the end all members will have experience of working with each other. Moreover they won’t have choice so they should get on well in order to reach their common target.

There could be also the other options of solving these problems which will be discussed on our next meeting. And I hope these suggestions can be really helpful.

Yours sincerely

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