Examination topics for the course “Microeconomics”, страница 3

Chapter 21

  1. Types of Cost Curves: Fixed, Variable & Total Cost Functions, Average Fixed, Average Variable & Average. Total Cost Curves; Marginal Cost Function, Marginal and Variable Cost Functions
  2. Short-Run & Long-Run Total Costs: Short-Run & Long-Run Average Total Cost Curves, Short-Run & Long-Run Marginal Cost Curves

Chapter 22

  1. Firm Supply: Market Environments (Perfect Competition, Monopoly, Oligopoly, Dominant Firm, Monopolistic Competition), the Demand Curve faced by the Individual Firm in Perfectly Competitive Market, Supply Decision of Competitive Firm
  2. The Firm’s Short-Run Supply Decision
  3. The Firm’s Long-Run Supply Decision
  4. Producer’s Surplus

Chapter 24

  1. Pure Monopoly: What causes monopoly, Profit maximization, Marginal Revenue, Marginal Cost