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Another emotional situation, anger or frustration, can make someone tear his hair — not a very good idea if he wants to look nice for a date that evening. If he is really losing his temper, a friend might tell him to keep calm and keep his hair on. He probably won't be very pleased to be told that — in fact, it might even increase his fury.

Another nasty situation could arise if you insist on split­ting hairs. This means arguing over small and trivial details — such as whether you should have mustard or mint-sauce with your roast lamb for lunch.

You might avoid a dangerous situation — an accident, for example — by a hair's breadth, and that, as you might imagine, is a very small distance.

If you let your hair down, you will behave in a very free and uninhibited way — talking very frankly or dancing wildly at a party, perhaps.

Hair is a moody thing, it seems.