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By the way the main volume of sales refers to the additional expendable materials. There is no non-invasive real-working portative glucose sensors. The group of manufacturers is highly heterogeneous  that is why there is no sense to analyze them separately.

Competitor matrix

Main competitors

(Foreign: Jonson and Jonson, Bayer, Roche; Russian: Elta(Sattelit)

Target market

Diabetics, mainly first type


Most of the firms have wide product range. It usually includes low-budget device, gadgets with additional features, multifunctional devices, compact arrangements 


Distribution through drug-shops mainly. Nowadays many of them are available through the internet. Basic models can be free distributed in hospitals. 


J&J and Bayer use tv-commertial(+),  but the mainly promotion channels includes posters, context internet advertising, direct communications with the target audience, participation in scientific conferences, brochures. Local brands are usually short of budget for promotion(-). Chinese and Japanese companies prefer low-price competitive strategy and cut their promotions  costs wherever it is possible.  Many of newcomers uses price promotions actions


The price for basic models varies from the 1300 rub to 2200, while for multifunctional devices it could increase to 12000 rub. For main leaders(J&J, Roche, Bayer) mean price is 1900 rub for simplest complication. Russian main mark “Sattelit plus” mean price is equal. But the main money-losing element of such device is expendable materials which  can cost from 1500 to 2000 rub per month

Competitive barriers

Most of the companies produce their product abroad(-), customers in Russia might be quite conservative and suspicious(+), most of them have economy of scale(+), companies have licensed products(+), international companies can lobby their interests (+)

Likely response

Traditional product manufacturers will try to stop licensing process of non-invasive gluco sensers in Russia, increase of commercials and advertizing focused on the fact of reliability of conservative methods, increase of R&D in sphere of differ system for non-invasive gluco-senser   

External market environment

To conduct external market analysis we decided to use PESTeL analysis to get the deeper view to the market. The product PGS is going to be launched on Russian market and, as we said before, we going to start from Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.

Let’s see what tendencies and features can influence the product success.

Political Environment

Political issues in general don’t influence Cybiocare much. The only part is the attitude towards diabetes and the level of support to people and companies, provided medical equipment. Nowadays we can see increasing interest from Council of the Federation to insular diabetes’s problem. The part of the health budget for the diabetes increased as well as the quantity of contracts for public purchases of medical equipment.