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Ethics and social responsibility

Cybiocare is a company regarding social responsibility as one of the priorities of its business. The mission statement is formulated in accordance with this priority, and Cybiocare conducts its business to ameliorate and facilitate the life of people with diabetes. The social responsibility is embodied in the research and development process itself by the continuous attempts to invent something revolutionary to help people with diabetes and also in pricing policy by trying to create products, which allow economizing on essential goods.

Customer analysis

Product Market

The product market for this marketing plan consists of the following elements:

Product type:

the unique non-invasive glucose sensor used for measuring glucose level of people with diabetes.

Customer needs:

 Customers need the easily ability to maintain their (or their relatives) blood sugar within normal limits.

Customer types:

the final consumers are people who have diabetes themselves or whose relatives have diabetes

Geographic area:

in a long-run the geographic market for PGS is the whole territory of Russia, while in a short-run it is reasonable to start from Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.

Demographic Data on the Target Market

Diabetes is a great problem in Russia. The morbidity rate is now close to the epidemic threshold. Russia is now in the list of  the five countries with the biggest morbidity rate of diabetes. The other countries in this list are USA, China, India and Japan. The number of patients increase by 300, 000 every year.

According to the statistic data on the beginning of 2008 2.834 mln. people with diabetes are registered in Russia. About 280 thousand of them suffer from 1st type diabetes, while about 2.5 mln. – from 2nd type. Though it must be considered that Russia has one of the lowest level of diagnostic of 2nd type diabetes in the world, so that about 2/3 of patients with 2nd type diabetes are not even aware of the reason of their health problems. Consequently, according to the experts` estimations the real number of Russian people who suffer from 2nd type diabetes is about 7 mln.

            The age distribution of the diabetics is dependent on the type of disease. The 1st type diabetes is called «the diabetes of young». People fall sick usually in their childhood, because of reasons, which are still unknown for the medicine, and suffer from their disease for the whole life as it is incurable. So that while the patients with 1st type diabetes can be people of any age, the majority of them are relatively young and the substantial part of them consists from children and adolescents (about 30 000 according to the statistics data on the beginning of 2008).

            The 2nd type diabetes is, on the contrary, called «the diabetes of old». It appears usually in a relatively old age as a result of genetic aptitude and/or unhealthy lifestyle. So that the vast majority of patients with 2nd type diabetes are elderly people.

Customer Needs

The following list includes identified customer needs in the area of measuring blood sugar that PGS can address efficiently:

·  Constant control of blood sugar level without concern about regular measures

Constant control of glucose level is a key factor in reducing the risk of the long-term complications of diabetes. PGS monitors blood sugar level all the time and does not require for the patient (or his relatives) to measure it themselves.

·  Ability to analyse the dynamics of blood sugar over a period

All the information about the blood sugar measured by PGS can be kept in mobile or computer, so it is possible to analyse the relative trends.