Photonic Glucose Sensor on Russian Market, страница 13

Contingency plans

Potential environmental changes and our plans for addressing them follow:

·  Other companies can license IR non-invasive glucose sensors earlier or non-invasive glucose sensors on the base of other technologies entering Russian market

In  this case we will be need to analyze the market potential ones again and provide new competitive analysis to understand is it still interesting to enter Russian market. If yes, the plan will be reorganized: price policy may be changed to from skimming to penetration and more active promotion will be implemented.

·  Russian consumers will be too conservative to switch from invasive glucose sensors

 In this case promotion focus must be shifted on more active testing programs to overcome cultural resistance on the individual level.

·  Threat of not getting patent on Russian market

In this situation the only thing we can do is to find the reasons of the problem and trying to solve it. For example we can meet wit the lobby of main manufacturers against our product. Here we can try to found support in the low-protection organizations.