Photonic Glucose Sensor on Russian Market, страница 11

The slogan, which has been recently created and which sounds like: «PGS. Keep going. Keep control» will be used in every poster or commercial.


Pricing objectives

Price sensitivity

Increasing sensitivity factors

Decreasing sensitivity factors

Referent prices

Vital good

Perceived risks (effect of compare complexity)

Possibility to share costs with Government

Low switching costs

Perceived quality- price ratio

Frame effect(only for PGS, not for others gluco sensers)

Mean value of price elasticity for this segment is 0,5. For innovational product it could vary from 0,2 to 0,7.

Customer value

Benefits (increasing value)

Costs (decreasing value)



No blood needed

Switching from traditional device

Possibility of permanent control, even at night


Mean of caring for ill relatives

No expendable materials and additional costs

Price for B2C:

PGS is an innovative product on existing market. It will be on the introduction stage. Due to the previous analysis skimming pricing strategy will be the right decision. While the mean price of competitive product is around 2000rub and additional costs for expendable materials is at least 1500 rub per month. That is why the price of 7000 will be perceived as fair.  

Price for B2G:

Working with government will base on the tender scheme.  That means participation in the auction of falling price. We will be ready to work on the 10% margin and reduce the initial price till this level.

Implementation plan


Firstly there is no need in implementation of fully integrated marketing information system. It will be replaced by the marketing research. But for the successful operation it is needed to set up marketing information system with filtered sources. It will be focused on historical database of sales and KPI achievements, competitive intelligence and environment changes monitoring. Also it must be construct to support the customer relationship management system for getting consumers feedback and quality control tracking- for example through the web-site the claims and proposals from the customers will be checked and answered on the everyday basis.

For the manufacturing the TQC system implementation is crucial. It is not only about getting license or ISO certificate but a strategic point in the core competence of the firm.