Photonic Glucose Sensor on Russian Market, страница 10

As for state drugstores we suppose that Cybiocare (or its representative in Russia) will have to work with all state pharmacies, which provide diabetics with medicines and glucose sensors.   

Moreover we suppose that Cybiocare should distribute the PGS via Internet. The company can use the websites of commercial drugstores (for instance Первая помощь have its own on-line drugstore) and the Russian website of the Cybiocare company.


Promotional objectives

The promotional strategy will pursue both informative and persuasive objectives, for the product is absolutely new and the whole target audience consists of non-customers. So it is necessary to increase awareness as well as persuade the target audience in the advantages, reliability and convenience of this product.

Promotional strategy

The promotional strategy will include two main stages. 1st stage will be conducted for the main purpose of stimulating word-of-mouth about PGS while the 2nd one will help to further increase awareness and trust to the product.

1st stage will include the following actions:

1.  PGS presentations in drugstores with the demonstration of different functions and the possibility to try it.

2.  Different kinds of Internet promotion:

-  PGS promo-site

-  Diabetes sites

-  Social Media Marketing (SMM), including diabetes forums, communities and groups  in social networks

The 2nd stage will be connected with the extensive usage of different promotional materials both on-line and off-line (in drugstores and clinics).

Promotional materials

It is planned to use the three main types of promotional materials: posters, booklet and Internet commercial.

            Both rational and emotional motives will be utilized in the promotional materials.

The main rational motives are:

·  absence of need of blood sampling

·  cost-efficiency due to absence of need of expendable materials

·  constant monitoring of the level of glucose without special measures

·  ability to avoid hypoglycemia because of special alarm system

·  ability of remote control

The main emotional motives are:

·  confidence

·  security

·  absence of fear

·  freedom and independence

Some of these motives are important for all three target segments, while some of them are special for one or two of them.

Likewise some of the promotional materials will be general while the special promotion materials for each target segment will be also developed.

The general promotional materials will exploit only the rational motives, which form its unique selling proposition.

The specific promotional materials will also include those both rational and emotional motives which are of the biggest importance to each segment. For example, the promotional materials for young and active people with 1st type diabetes will, first of all, exploit the motives of freedom and independence. While in the materials for those who care of their parents the emphasis will be made on the ability of remote control and the motive of confidence.

It is necessary to consider that PGS is a medical product, which has a significant serious meaning for the health of its users. The goods of this kind can not be bought by chance. The consumer will need the thorough explanation of its functions, its pros and cons, before he will make a decision to buy. Consequently the promotional materials should include enough text information.

Logo and slogan

PGS has its logo, which will be placed on all the promotional materials.