Photonic Glucose Sensor on Russian Market

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Final project Group #7

Photonic Glucose Sensor
on Russian Market

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студентки 4 курса:

Перепелкина Юлия М1

Сумбаева Александра М2

Фирсова Дарья М2

Хмелёва Мария М2




Executive summary.. 3

Situation analysis. 4

Company analysis. 4

Company objectives. 4

Company resources. 5

Ethics and social responsibility. 6

Customer analysis. 6

Product Market. 6

Demographic Data on the Target Market. 6

Customer Needs. 7

Identification of qualifying dimensions and determining dimensions. 8

Identification of target markets. 9

Competitive analysis. 9

External market environment. 11

Political Environment. 11

Economic Environment. 12

Social and Cultural Environment. 12

Technological environment. 13

Environmental factors. 13

Legal factors. 14

SWOT analysis. 14

Marketing plan objectives. 16

Marketing strategy.. 17

Product. 17

Description. 17

Benefits for the customer. 17

Branding. 18

Consumer product class. 18

Packaging. 19

Warranty. 19

Product life cycle. 19

Place. 20

Promotion.. 20

Promotional objectives. 20

Promotional strategy. 21

Promotional materials. 21

Logo and slogan. 22

Price. 23

Pricing objectives. 23

Price sensitivity. 23

Customer value. 23

Price for B2C: 24

Price for B2G: 24

Implementation plan.. 24

Control. 24

Timing of Implementation Activities. 25

Contingency plans. 26

Executive summary

PGS (Photonic Glucose Sensor) is a flagship product of Cybiocare, a Canadian company, specializing in development, manufacturing and marketing of non-invasive photonic medical devices. Nowadays a lot of companies are trying to invent and commercialize the device, which allows measuring the sugar level without any blood testing, but Cybiocare is closest to this aim. Today PGS has not still been licensed, but it is a subject for investigational testing in Canada. 

The PGS is really a revolutionary technology, and the millions of people with diabetes all over the world are waiting for such a device to appear on the market. So, after getting the PGS patented in Canada and after it immediately in the USA, Cybiocare have to expand its operations into other markets with great potential, in other words, with great number of people with diabetes. Analyzing the statistics, Russia should be among the first countries to entry, because the population itself is great and the number of people with diabetes is also close to the epidemic threshold.

Therefore, the marketing plan presented focuses on the Cybiocare entering Russian market with PGS product. The specific objectives of the marketing plan are to develop operational strategy, defining the most appropriate entry mode, and tactical strategy, choosing the target markets and elaborating the appropriate marketing mixes for them, to achieve the following aims:

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