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Khaburina Alyona

The summary.

The heading of the article I’d like to present you is <Internet shopping – the sequel>.

The main idea of this article is that internet shopping is developing right now and it’s developing not in a such way it was predicted.

The author describes that several years ago people thought online retailing will destroy the bricks-and-mortar retailers and the majority of the customers will do their purchases with the internet. But how we can see the situation isn’t so.

The article demonstrates us two the most famous online retailers. It’s Amazon and eBay. But the key point is that both services aren’t real retailers. They are just auctions.

In the article it’s transparently described the current situation. Nowadays the most of all shops have a multichannel retailing system. They sell the products online and offline. Through usual shops and mail-order groups.

Besides, the blending of online and offline is offering consumers new advantages to shop.

Generally speaking the companies which have not yet embraced the online world face serious problems with investment and others.

After all, the author cites make a quotation of one well-known banker. The online retailer always has to be doing something interesting and different.

From my point of view current situation is just better than it was predicted. And some further changes of course will be. In our brave new world all technologies develop very fast so who knows what we’ll see in several next years.

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