Rail and Road: advantages, disadvantages and development, страница 2

The weather conditions can play an important role in problems concerning road transportation. For instance, in the winter the coverage of places can decrease sufficiently.

 Quite notional point is also that road transportation can take place only within one continent, which is quite evident.

Concluding the road transportation pros and cons we can say that the cost of such transportation can be quite low but if only the distances are quite short. Also the level of service is much better than in rail system and there are still some troubles with regulation of government and some documents but it’s not the most popular problem.

Looking through the rail and roads in Russia we can conclude that there are significant problems with the infrastructure system which troubles the development of transportation in our country. The rail in Russia is one of the biggest in the world but it hadn’t been developing for a long period of time. Now our government is focused on developing Russian rail because of increasing rle of Russia as transit country. And the plans till 2030 are being developed in order to attract new investments for Russian rail.

Nowadays 10% of all Russian transportation is road transportation. Road transport is used to deliver mail, food and other goods. The development of Russian road transportation increases constantly and this trend is predicted by lots of specialists. The main problem here is also infrastructure but we can’t really see significant development of this sphere. Probably in several decades of years the situation will change better.

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