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Gore's supporters have been encouraging him to give another go at the presidency. They have set up a Web site asking people to sign a petition and take other actions aimed at convincing Gore to run. The group even took out a full-page advertisement in the New York Times. With the news of this latest prize, U.S. media outlets have been buzzing with speculation about whether a Gore candidacy is still a possibility. Gore spokespeople and advisers say the former presidential candidate will not run again.

What do the candidates have to say? Arizona Senator John McCain, a Republican, said Gore's award was "well-deserved." New Mexico governor Bill Richardson, a Democrat, said "this prize is important, not only in recognition of Vice President Gore's extraordinary achievements, but also in acknowledgment of the importance of fighting global climate change."

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12 October 2007

Four Democrats will skip Michigan primary

New York Senator Hillary Clinton is almost certain to win the Michigan primary, without even campaigning in the state.

That is because Michigan voters will not have the opportunity to vote for Clinton's biggest competitors - former North Carolina Senator John Edwards, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, Delaware Senator Joe Biden or Illinois Senator Barack Obama. Their names won’t be on the ballot.

In an attempt to keep states from shifting their primary dates, the Democratic National Committee ruled that only Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire and South Carolina could hold primaries and caucuses before February 5, 2008. Michigan scheduled its primary for January 15, 2008.

Clinton decided to keep her name on the ballot, although, like all the Democrats, she will not campaign there. As only top-tier candidate left on the ballot, she is almost guaranteed to win the state. Dennis Kucinich wanted off the ballot, but his name will still appear because he filed paperwork for the request incorrectly. Each state sets its own rules for placing and removing names on the ballot.

There is one exception to the “no campaigning” rule: the Democratic Party leadership in Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire and South Carolina will let candidates want to attend the Arab-American Institute’s annual leadership convention in Dearborn, Michigan, in late October.

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12 October 2007

And the winner of the Republican debate is?

Who won Tuesday's Republican debate? According to many political experts, New York Senator Hillary Clinton won. No, she was not on the debate stage. Yes, she is a Democrat, but the Republication candidates said her name 11 times and mentioned no other Democratic candidate. This suggests Republicans see Clinton as the Democratic front runner. (What is a front runner? Read the glossary.)

Tuesday’s Republican debate was the first opportunity to see how Fred Thompson, a former U.S. senator representing Tennessee and the ninth candidate to enter the race for the party’s nomination, held up against his competition. Thompson’s entry had been expected for months and Thompson he felt he waited the right amount of time to announce his candidacy.

Despite the interest in Thompson, media articles following the debate suggested the highlight of the contest was former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s exchange about taxes. Both candidates attacked the others’ record on the issue. Giuliani said that when he was mayor he reduced taxes, while Romney increased taxes as governor. Calling that “bologna,” Romney told Giuliani to check his facts.