Употребить в предложениях Present Indefinite или Present Continuous. Заменить some количественными прилагательными afew и alittle, страница 5

2. Лексико-грамматический комментарий

2.1. Would you mind answering the door? Не откроешь дверь?

   Упражнение 16. Задайте вежливый вопрос (wouldyoumind …?), употребляя следующие глаголы:

to live in a suburb of  St. Petersburg; to have a thick carpet on the floor; to look for business partners; to have a look at their web-site; to read their profile; to come back; to improve you business; to have a cup of tea; to take the children to school; to begin a new project; to stay with us for some days; to go to the seaside.

2.2. How should I know? (Un.3:1.4) Откуда мне знать? Разве я знаю?

2.3. Have a guess. Отгадай.

2.4. I haven't the faintest idea. Не имею не малейшего представления.

2.5. Who from? От кого?

Предлоги в разговорной речи обычно употребляются в конце предложения.

   Упражнение 17. Поставьте вопросы к предложениям, употребляя Who …? или What…? с соответствующим предлогом.

1. I went with my sister. 2. I'm thinking about that film. 3. I bought it from my neighbour. 4. She sent it to her uncle. 5. I'll put it into a parcel. 6. He made it for you. 7. The book is about France. 8. I was talking to Jane.

   Упражнение 18. Напишите вопросы, употребляя Who …? или What …? по образцу: Salad. (begin) What do you begin with?

1. A friend. (waiting). 2. Films. (talking). 3. The business partner. (speaking). 4. A starling. (looking). 5. Schubert's sonatas. (interested). 6. My mother. (write). 7. Life. (thinking). 8. Breakfast. (waiting). 9. Friend (play tennis). 10. Letter. (be). 11. Aunt. (have dinner).

2.6. What's the news? Что нового?

2.7. What are their opening hours? Как они работают? Какое у них время работы?

2.8. This Centre is open 7 days a week.

a week - раз в неделю; a month - раз в месяц и т.п. Предлог не употребляется.

2.9. from 6.30 in the morning to 10 in the evening.

from … to - от(с) … до

2.10. every two weeks каждые две недели

every two months каждые два месяца

2.11. It sounds well. Это (звучит) приятно.

2.12. to begin with для начала

2.13. Push yourself a little. Напрягись немного; сделай над собой усилие.

2.14. Have a pitty on me. Сжалься надо мной.

2.15. Come on, Emily. Давай, Эмили.

2.16. to go to bed ложиться спать.


I. A letter of invitation

Ms. Lewis: Emily!

Emily:        Yes?

Ms. Lewis: Would you mind answering the door? I'm washing up.

Emily:        Okay. (After some time comes back into the room). Guess what's this?

Ms. Lewis: How should I know?

Emily:        Well, have a guess.

Ms. Lewis: I haven't the faintest idea. Are you going to tell me or not?

Emily:        Certainly I am. It'sa registered letter for you.

Ms. Lewis: A letter? Who from?

Emily:        How should I know? I haven't opened it.

Ms. Lewis: Give it to me, then (she opens and reads the letter).

Emily:        Now, what's the news?

Ms. Lewis: Well, Health and Fitness Centre invites me to join this Centre. They sent me the invitation, and an application form to fill out and a few advertising pamphlets.

Emily:        Did you ask them about it?

Ms. Lewis: Yes, I did. I telephoned to this Fitness Centre last week to get some information about their services.

Emily:        Well, I wonder how much it costs.

Ms. Lewis: Do you? If you are really interested in it, I can tell that it's about 500 euro for a year and for that I'll be able to use all the facilities. They have a fully-equipped gym, saunas, steam-baths and a swimming-pool and bowling-courts. And I can pay in monthly installments if I like.

Emily:         Right. And what are their opening hours?

Ms. Lewis: This Centre is open 7 days a week from 6.30 in the morning to 10 in the evening.

Emily:         OK. And how does it work? I mean, do you know what the procedure is?