Сослагательное наклонение 2 (Subjunctive 2). Уступительные придаточные предложения, страница 6

2.Лексико-грамматический комментарий

2.1. It took some timeЭто заняло какое-то время

Упражнение 15. Переведите предложения, употребляя глагол to take.

1.Я не думаю, что это было бы слишком сложно, но это заняло какое-то время. 2.Когда он собирается сдавать экзамен? 3. Он взял брошюру и сидел, изучая ее. 4. Эмили может взять с собой фотоаппарат во Францию. 5. Мы можем сделать фотографии твоего дня рождения прямо сейчас. 6. Гарри отвозит детей в школу каждый день. 7. Эмили принимала участие в концерте в школе на прошлой неделе. 8. Ты простудился. Ты должен выпить лекарство. 9.Мы берем туфли, хотя они довольно дорогие. 10. Официант приходит и берет наш заказ. 11. Сколько времени вам потребуется, чтобы получить водительские права? 12. Вы можете отвести(сопроводить) меня в кафе?

2.2. To look like- выглядеть как…, походить на….

Упражнение 16. Поставьте вопросы к предложениям,  употребляя выражение to look like.

1. It was a real exam with the traffic rules as the most difficult part of it. 2. The weather is fine. 3. They are mushrooms filled with bread and cheese mixed with herbs and spicer and then baked. 4. Dora’s mother is thin and a bit pale. 5. Their house is a typically English one. 6. Her uncle’s present is square and flat. 7. The girl which was waving at us had dark hair. 8. The procedure is : each client has a fitness assessment with an instructor, then the instructor designs a fitness programmer for him/her and then he reviews this programmer every two weeks. 9.Pamphlet is an advertising booklet. 10. It looks like    11. Marathon is jogging about thirty-six kilometers. 12. This tea tastes like juice.

2.3. by heart наизусть, на память

2.4. not to speak of….. не говоря о...

Упражнение 17. Продолжите предложения выражением not to speak of…

1. You must identify all these broken while lines, solid white lines, crosswalk lines, broken yellow lines and so on and so forth .... 2. The Fitness Centre has saunas, steam bath, swimming pool and bowling-courts …. 3. I’m tired after only half a kilometer ….. 4. When people exercise properly, they have 50 percent fewer heart attacks …. 5. I’d like a pair of shoes a pair of trouser  ….   6. I like the style it suits me perfectly … 7. For this price we can afford a nice dress, matching shoes …. 8. Wt have been to the shoe- , teen-agers clothing Department …. 9.This beet looks smart, is of first-rait leather …. 10. I’ve cold meat, left over from yesterday’s dinner, potatoes,  salad and pickles …. 11.I’d rather like this fresh fruit salad with cream and a cup of tea … 12. I’ve already made a chopping board, and a starting-box ….

2.5. He did refuse to buy me a car

Did  употребляется здесь, чтобы придать высказыванию экспрессивность.

Упражнение 18. Сделайте предложения более экспрессивными.

1.I agree with you. 2. I feel he’s really happy. 3. I enjoy baking. 4. I like eggs and bacon. 5. I need a job. 6. Peter enjoyed your party. 7. She looks ill. 8. You talk a lot. 9. She thinks, I don’t love her, but I love her. 10. There wasn’t much time for shopping, but I bought a blouse. 11.Sit down! Stop talking!.

2.6.I wanted to be on my own. Я хотел жить самостоятельно.

2.7.It’s too bad. Очень жаль

2.8.You are right. Ты прав

2.9. in the end  в конце концов

2.10. I see Я понимаю

2.11. How are things with you and Susan? Как дела у тебя и Сьюзен?


III. Buddies

Michael and his bosom friend Alec are meeting in a cafe to have a chat about their day-to-day affairs.

Michael:    Hello, Alec.

Alec:        Hello, Michael, how are you?

Michael:    Fine, thanks. Listen, I wonder if you could possibly give me some advice.

Alec:        Certainly, if I can. What's the problem?                                                    

Michael:    Well,I heard you had already passed your driving test and got the driving license.

Alee:        Yes, that's true.

Michael:    Can you tell me how difficult it was for you to get through the whole procedure?

Alec:         I don't think it was too difficult, though it took some time, you know.                ■   .

Michael:   Could you be more specific, please?

Alec:   Yes, of course!

               To begin with, I want to remind you that four months ago I turned 17 I So I went to the