Сослагательное наклонение (The Subjunctive Mood). Конструкция "сложное дополнение". Инфинитив как обстоятельство цели (целевой инфинитив), страница 7

  Упражнение 21. Составьте вопросы типа: Whynottakeaskirt?, используя словосочетания: to have some hot tea, to go shopping , to come back, to consult a doctor, to stay in bed, to take some medicine, to use the usual treatment, to improve one’s business. Ответьте на них выражением That’s a good idea.

Упражнение 22 . Вставьте вместо точек предлоги  after ,at, by, for , from , in , of, off , on , to , up , with .

1. I need a pair ...  shoes.2 I'd like to buy a tie ... your father and a cardigan ... your grandfather .3 I've already learned a sonata ... Shubert. 4. I haven't made ...  my mind yet .5. I guess, he'll be pleased ... a small stool ... his feet. 6. He likes to sit reading… his armchair. 7. We'll talk about it ... breakfast. 8. What do we have ... breakfast? 9. You don't go hunting to bring some food ... your family, Mother buys it ... the supermarket not far ... our house , so we are equal ....our rights. 10. This time I'm ....duty, but next time it'll be Emily’s turn. 11. I'm just taking some things … my room and going ... the garage. 12. I guess we are going ... the department store 13. Get off, I'll park the car. 14. Wait ... the entrance! 15. Call me ... if you want me to come. 16. I'm looking... a new outfit ... myself.17. What exactly did you have ... mind? 18. I like the style but I think I'd prefer a cotton one ... pink. 19. I'm afraid we haven't any ... stock … the moment . 20. May I try it ...?


A shopping day

In the morning

Dora: What is the weather like today?

        (looking out of the window)

Dora: Oh, it’s very nice. The sun isn’t shining, but it’s warm. They said it wouldn’t rain. We might go shopping.

Michael: Emily, didn’t you want to buy some new things?

Michel: Oh, yes, I need a pair of shoes and a new T-shirt.

Emily: And I’d like a new dress and a pair of shoes too. What would you like to buy, Mum?

Dora: May be a blouse and a skirt, a tie for your father and a cardigan for your grandfather. His birthday is soon.

Emily: I know, I’ve already learned a sonata by Schubert .He is fond of Schubert, and I hope of my playing too.

Dora: Very good idea . And what about you ,Michael?

Michael: I haven’t made up my mind yet. I guess, he’ll be pleased with a small stool for his feet. He likes to sit in his armchair reading a book.

Dora: Will you make it yourself? You haven’t made  many of such things yet.

Michael: Yes, I have, I’ve already made a chopping board, a starling-box and a shelf, as you know.

Dora: It would be very kind of you then. Grandfather will be happy. And now let’s have breakfast and go.

At breakfast

Michael: What do we have for breakfast Mum?

Dora: You have some porridge or corn flakes and milk, sandwiches, marmelade and cocoa.

Michael: A breakfast for children again. I’d like a man’s meal: bacon and eggs, bread and butter and tea.

Dora: Good, you can have it too.

Emily: And I prefer   my usual children-breakfast. Michael, would you pass me the marmalade, please.

Michael: Here you are.

Dora: Would you like some more cocoa, Emily?

Emily: No, thank you Mum. Give a cup of cocoa to Michael .I see; he would like to have some children drink.

Michael: Yes I’d like a cup of cocoa, just to keep you company.

Well, where are we going, Mum?

Dora: First of all you’ll have to wash up.

Michael: Is that men’s work?

Emily: Sure, you don’t go hunting to bring some food for your family; Mother buys it at the supermarket not far from our house, so we are equal in our rights.

Michael: Good, this time I’ll do it, I’ am on duty, but next time it will be Emily’s turn.

Dora: All right .I’m just taking some things from my room and going to the garage. I suppose there is enough petrol and we don’t have to go to a petrol station.

In the car

Dora: Well, we are ready to be off. I think we’ll go to the big department store near the station; or do you want us to go to small shops?

Michael: Department stores sell different goods and have a large selection .We can get everything that we want and don’t have to shop all day long. Sometimes I can be patient, but not for a long time.