Абсолютная форма притяжательных местоимений. Определение в предложениях синтаксической роли инфинитива (Грамматические упражнения), страница 3

1.5. Participle II (Un. 4:1.4; Un.5:1.9)

Упражнение 5. Переведите предложения, употребляя Participle II.

1.Я пишу в ответ на ваше привлекательное объявление, касающееся системы контроля клапанов, помещенное на сайте вашей компании. 2. Мы разрабатываем, производим, находим рынки сбыта, продаем клапаны, специально сконструированные для тяжелых систем привода. 3. Пожалуйста свяжитесь со мной по телефону или по адресу обычной почты, данным выше. 4. Диоксин, выделенный бумажной фабрикой в маленьком городке в Швейцарии, может завершить свой путь (end up) в , съеденном жителями Хельсинки.

5. Возьми свои открытки с поздравлениями с Днем рождения, принесенные почтальоном сегодня утром. 6. Где фотографии, сделанные на моем Дне рождения?

1.6. Present Perfect, Past Perfect. Past (Un.4:1.6)

Упражнение 6.Определите в предложениях время глагола, его залог, объясните его употребление.

1. As you remember, I’ve already mentioned how we comprehend it. 2. We agreed that our commitment would invest nearly half a million Euro in new production equipment. 3.You allow our quality control engineers to spect the new equipment when it’s been installed. 4.I’d hate to think it would be money spent with insufficient return or no return. 5. from the published Report the shareholders can easily determine the total profit the joint-stock company has earned. 6. After years of experimenting, I have finally perfected my barbecue sauce. 7. The British partners were not of one mind about what kind of performance it should be. 8. By the time I graduated from the University I had managed to see the complete repertoire of the Theatre. 9. Inside the theatre they represented their seats. First however, they had left their hats and coats in the clock room and taken their checks. 10. Unusual bright colors of the curtain reminded him of the fairy-tales that he had heard and read in his childhood.

1.7. Subjunctive Hood (Un.6:1.7; Un.9:1.8)

Упражнение 7. Вставьте вместо точек один из данных глаголов в сослагательном наклонении :be, can, contain, facilitate, give, guarantee, hate, have, incase, like, may, plough, propose, rank, welcome.

1.I … the opportunity to meet with the representatives of your company. 2. Mr. Lewis … thought that letter … him in creating a climate of cooperation with the potential. 3.It useful if Mr. Lewis … us some very brief background to his company. 4. What we … to yet from this meeting is a full picture of your control system for valves. 5.It seems to me that there are a number of ways we … work more closely together. 6.I … licensing as a fairy unattractive option as well. 7.If I … my sauce Crow’s Scotch Whisky Barbecue Sauce, the sauce … Scotch whisky. 8.I … to think it .. money spent with insufficient return or no return. 9. In fact, it … be a good idea if you … a talk with them. 10. If you … the orders to 250.000 Euro, I think we … a deal. 11. In this case I … guaranteed orders. 12. Our calculations show that we … if you … us orders.

1.8.Инфинитив как дополнение (Un.2:1.9.) как обстоятельство цели (Un.6:1.9)как определение (Un.12:1.11)как часть сказуемого (Un.10:1.9)

Упражнение 8.Определите в предложениях синтаксическую роль инфинитива. Поставьте общие вопросы к этим предложениям.

1. Mr.Lewis wants to begin a new project. 2. Grandfather says he’d like to have some sea air. 3. He doesn’t want to disturb anybody with his troubles. 4. At long last Michael persuaded his father to buy a new computer for him. 5.Jane will try to come to the next tennis-game. 6. I’d like a cup of cocoa just to keep you company. 7. You don’t go hunting to bring some food for your family. 8. We are ready to be off. 9.There are two principle questions to be clarified. 10. The last but not the least problem is the necessity to purchase a factory building. 11. You’re asking us to invest nearly half a million Euros in new production equipment. 12. You’ve approved the purchase of a factory building to employ 500 people.