Проработка перехода Дар-эс-Салаам - Могадишо (расстояние по карте 643,2 мили)

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Documentation required: Notice of expected arrival of ship as per THA Regulation No 16.

9.   Communications: VHF: Port: Dar es Salaam Signal Station, Ch 16, 12, 26.

10.   Pilots: Ch 16, 12, 14.

11.  Tugs: Ch 16, 12.

12.   Vessels bound for Mjimwema Terminal should call the Signal Station on Ch 12 when within 20nm, and maintain a listening watch on Ch 12.

13.   Health regulations: All ships entering a harbour shall await the arrival of the Port Health Officer, or his representative, before having any communication with the shore or with any other ship or boat except the pilot boat or the boat of Customs Officer.

14.   Customs and immigration: Customs: Until customs formalities have been completed no person may leave the harbour area except with the express permission, in writing, granted by a Customs Officer.

15.   Immigration: After the Port Health Office has given pratique to a vessel, the Immigration Officers may commence their clearance formalities.

16.   No person shall leave the ship prior to the completion of such clearance formalities except with the permission of an Immigration Officer.

17.   No person other than a Port Health Officer, a Port Officer, a Customs Officer, an Immigration Officer or an agent of the shipping line to which the ship belongs shall board any ship until Flag 'I' is lowered or until permission to do so has been granted by an Immigration Officer.

18.   Flags: International flags for pilotage, health and dangerous goods. National flags to fly between 0600-1800hrs.

19.   General notices & regulations: Notification of dangerous or inflammable goods on board: Disposal orders should be given to the management before any offloading takes place.



22.   Port limits: From a position SE of Ras Koronjo (06°51'S 039°24'E), the seaward limit of the port 000° to the W extremity of Outer Sinda, then to Outer Makatumbe Light, then to the S extremity of Mbudya (06°40'S 039°15'E) then 254° to a position on the coast S of the entrance to Mto Peremji.

23.   Sea buoys, fairways and channels: The entrance channel is entered approx 0.75nm N of Ras Rongoni (06°49'S 039°19'E) and leads through the banks and drying reefs which front the coast between Ras Rongoni and Ras Chokir. The entrance channel has one bend between N and S reef near Ras Rangoni, an area which varies in width from 140m to 210m. The channel has a minimum width of 140m and least depth of 10.2m.

24.   The approach and the entrance to Dar es Salaam is marked as follows: Oysterbay leading lights, leading through the approach in line bearing 247°, lead into Dar es Salaam Bay between Daphne Reefs and the reef surrounding Outer Makatumbe: The front light (white framework tower with red triangle shape at the upper part; 11.0m in height) is exhibited close to Ras Rangoni cliff. The rear light (white framework tower with red triangular shape at the upper part; 22.0m in height) is exhibited 0.14nm SSW of the front light.

25.   Lightbuoys 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 are moored on the W side and Lightbuoys 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 on the E side, of the entrance channel.

26.   Pilot: Compulsory for vessels over 200NT and S of a line drawn from Makatumbe Lighthouse to the shore for all vessels.

27.   Pilot boards in the following positions:



30.  Dar es Salaam: 06°46.72'S 039°19.18'E (1.3nm NW of Makatumbe Island Light)



33.  Mjimwema Terminal: 2nm E of Makatumbe Island Light.


35.  Anchorages: Anchorage with good holding ground, may be obtained S of Daphne Reefs within a triangular area bounded on the NW by alignment of Oysterbay leading light, on the E by alignment of Ras Rongoni leading lights and on the S by a line drawn 282° from Outer Makatumbe Light.

36.   Tidal range and flow: Range 4.0m above LAT.

37.   Dock density: 1025.

38.   Weather: Prevailing winds: SW and NE monsoons.

39.   Charts: BA 693 (INT 7692), 674 (INT 7691). Admiralty Pilot NP3, 286(3).

40.   Restrictions: Tankers and vessels carrying explosives

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