Общие сведения о глаголе. Значение английского глагола и его функции в предложении, страница 2




Утвердительная форма:


V1 / Vs

V2 / Ved

Shall (will) + V1

I jump

They run

He asks

I jumped

They ran

He  asked

I (we) shall jump

They will run

He will ask

Отрицательная форма:

Do /does + NOT + V1

Did + NOT + V1

Shall /will + NOT + V1

I do NOT  jump

They do NOT run

He does NOT  ask

I did NOT jump

They did NOT run

He did NOT ask

I shall NOT jump

They will NOT run

He will NOT ask

Вопросительная форма:

Do /Does … V1?

Did ... V1?

Shall /will ... V1?

Do I jump?

Do they run?

Does he ask?

Did I jump?

Did they run?

Did he ask?

Shall I jump?

Will they run?

Will he ask?

today, every day, always, usually, often, as a rule, sometimes, seldom, never

Yesterday, last year, in 1992, 5 months ago

Tomorrow, next week, the following year, in a week

Progressive  (Continuous)

Утвердительная форма:

BE + Ving

Shall (will) + be Ving

I am jumping

They are running

He is asking

I was jumping

They were running

He was asking

I shall be jumping

They will be running

He will be asking

Отрицательная форма:

BE + NOT + Ving

Shall (will) + NOT + be Ving

I am NOT jumping

They are NOT running

He is NOT asking

I was NOT jumping

They were NOT running

He was NOT asking

I shall NOT be jumping

They will NOT be running

He will NOT be asking

Вопросительная форма:

BE … Ving?

Shall (will) ... be Ving?

Am I jumping?

Are they running?

Is he asking?

Was I jumping?

Were they running?

Was he asking?

Shall I be jumping?

Will they be running?

Will he be asking?

Now, at present moment, just now, at this moment, at 2 p.m.

At 2 p.m. yesterday, from 5 till 7 p.m. yesterday

At 2 p.m. tomorrow, from 5 p.m. till 7 p.m. tomorrow, tomorrow at this time


Утвердительная форма:


Shall (will) + have + V3

I have jumped

They have run

He has asked

I had jumped

They had  run

He had asked

I shall have jumped

They will have run

He will have asked

Отрицательная форма:

HAVE + NOT +  V3

Shall (will) + NOT + V3

I have NOT jumped

They have NOT run

He has NOT asked

I had NOT jumped

They had NOT run

He had NOT asked

I shall NOT have jumped

They will NOT have run

He will NOT have asked

Вопросительная форма:

HAVE … V3 ?

Shall (will) ... have V3 ?

Have I jumped?

Have they run?

Has he asked?

Had I jumped?

Had they run?

Had he asked?

Shall I have jumped?

Will they have run?

Will he have asked?

Just, already, recently, never, ever, yet

By the time you came, before you came, after

By this time tomorrow, by 9 p.m. tomorrow

Perfect Progressive

Утвердительная форма:

HAVE + BEEN + Ving


I have been jumping

They have been running

He has been asking

I had been jumping

They had been running

He had been asking

I shall have been jumping

They will have been running

He will have been asking

Отрицательная форма:


Shall (will) + NOT + HAVE + Ving

I have NOT been jumping

They have NOT been running

He has NOT been asking

I had NOT been jumping

They had NOT been running

He had NOT been asking

I shall NOT have been jumping

They will NOT have been running

He will NOT have been asking

Вопросительная форма:

HAVE … BEEN Ving ?

Shall (will) ... have been Ving ?

Have I been jumping?

Have they been running?

Has he been asking?

Had I been jumping?

Had they been running?

Had he been asking?

Shall I have been jumping?

Will they have been running?

Will he have been asking?

Since, for 2 o’clock