Артикль. Основные характеристики неопределенного и определенного артиклей. Случаи употребления неопределенного артикля, страница 2

Тренировочные упражнения

Упр. 1. Прочитайте и переведите на русский язык небольшой текст. Найдите в нем неопределенный артикль. Соотнесите каждый случай употребления артикля (артикль должен быть выделен жирным шрифтом) с таблицей 2. Отметьте в таблице галочками все выявленные вами грамматические правила.  

I see a man. His name is Mr. Priestley. Mr. Priestley has a wife and two children. The wife is a house-keeper. 5. She works seven days a week. Mrs. Priestley has an interesting hobby. It is gardening. There are a lot of flowers in their garden. This is a tulip. That is a daffodil. There is a daisy, a violet, forget-me-nots and what not. What a nice bush of roses they have got! Their children say they had a hundred flowers on it last year. Their garden is such a wonderful place especially in spring.

Упр. 2. Прочитайте и переведите на русский язык продолжение рассказа о Mr. Priestley. Проанализируйте все подчеркнутые словосочетания и постарайтесь найти причину, объясняющую отсутствие неопределенного артикля. Соотнесите каждый случай с таблицей 2. Отметьте в таблице галочками все выявленные вами грамматические правила.  

As you know Mr. Priestley has a family. Mr. Priestley’s family is not large. He has got a wife and two children. His son is smart. Mr. and Mrs. Priestley’s daughter is pretty. She has green eyes. These children are very united. They believe in love and friendship. They don’t work; they go to study from Monday to Friday. The girl’s favourite subject is Home Economics and the young man likes Computing. Mr. Priestley works for General Motors. There is one sad thing in this family – they have no pets at home.       

Упр. 3. Вставьте вместо пробелов артикль «a» или «an». Объясните:

1)  почему в этих предложениях артикль должен быть использован;

2)  почему вы выбрали в одних случаях артикль а, а в других – an.

1. I want to have __ hamburger for breakfast. 2. Pete is __ boy. 3. Pam is __ outgoing young girl. 4. The old man saw __ thousand hungry cats in the streets of the city. 5. What __ cute guy you are! 6. This is __ young man of medium height. 7. There is __ industrious person in our group. 8. Mary has __ student. The student is witty. 9. I’ve got __ book. I’ve got __ lot of books at home. 10. Russian workers work six hours __ day. 

Упр. 5. Вставьте вместо пропусков артикль «a/an», если это необходимо.

А. 1. Polly is __ graduate person. 2. Those __ tigers are red and her __ cousin’s __ tiger is orange. 3. Parents have one __ child. 4. I’ve got no __ cat. 5. Sam doesn’t like __ milk. 6. Do you see __ cow in the picture? 7. __ Maxwell House is __ coffee. 8. Do __ exercise eight, please. 9. My parents read three hours __ day. 10. His favourite school subject was __ History. 11. Did you go to the country on __ Monday? 12. __ life is hard in that climate. 13. Where is __ Red Square? 14. This is __ cold water. 15. The child wants __ apple and __ orange.

В. This is __ man. The man is holding __ big bag. There is __ box and __ lot of books in the bag. You can see __ pen and __ dozen of __ pencils in the box. Every morning the man takes his __ bag to __ Oxford University. The man’s __ name is __ Mr. Smith. He lives not far from __ Oxford Street. __ Mr. Smith is __ teaching instructor. __ Mr. Smith is __ witty. He teaches __ philosophy. He likes his __subject. The teacher instructor adores discussing the problems of __ happiness and __ suffering. He __ works __ five days __ week (from __ Monday to __ Friday). In __ summer he goes on leave.