Price and Total Value of the Contract. Quality. Guarantee of quality. Delivery dates. Delivery and Acceptance of the goods. Insurance

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1. Price and Total Value of the Contract

The prices are understood to be F.O.B. … The Sellers are to bear all the expenses connected with the delivery of the goods on F.O.B. terms including overseas packing, marking, loading on board the ship, stowing and fastening the equipment in the hold including the cost of materials used for this purpose lighterage, placing the cargo along the moor, stevedoring, dock, port duties, carnage, customs duties and attendance to cutoms formalities, as well as any other expenses which may arise on the territory of the Sellers’ country connected with the execution of the present Contract.

The total value of the Contract amounts to: Italian Lire 150 mln.

The prices per item are specified in Appendix No. 3 and fixed in Italian Lire.

The prices are firm and not subject to any alteration.

прохождениетаможни (процедур) – attendance to customs formalities;

ценынеподлежатникакимизменениямthe prices are firm and not subject to any alteration;

груз – cargo;

погрузка на борт судна, крановые работы – carnage;

крановые сборы – carnage duties;

сбор, пошлины – due, duty;

портовые и доковые сборы – port and dock dues;

укладыватьиукреплятьгрузвтрюмеto stowe and fasten the cargo in the hold;

привязывать, закреплять груз – to lash the cargo;


погрузканабортсуднаloading on board the ship;

погрузкавтрюм– loading into the hold;

креплениегруза-  lashing and securing the cargo;

перегородочныематериалыseparation materials;

размещениегрузанапричалеplacing the cargo along the moor;

ценапонимаетсяthe price is understood to be;

датойпоставкисчитаетсяthe date of delivery is considered to be;

товарсчитаетсясданнымthe goods shall be considered as delivered;

продавецнесётвсерасходыпопоставкетоваранаусловияхФОБthe Sellers are to bear all the expenses connected with the delivery of the good on F.O.B. terms

2. Quality

1) The quality of the goods is to be in conformity with the requirements given in the Specifications attached to the Contract.

The goods are to be of the latest design and manufactured of first-grade materials. The Sellers on their initiative but with the Buyers’ consent or at their request are to make improvements in the design and the materials of which the goods are made taking into account the latest technical achievements in this field without any extra charges or postponement of the delivery date.

The quality of the goods is to be confirmed by a Certificate of Quality issued by the manufacturing works, or by a Letter of Guarantee of the Sellers.

2) The quality of meat sold under this contract is to correspond to the technical conditions stated in Enclosure № 1 which is an integral part of this contract and is to be confirmed by the following documents:

a) Certificate of Quality issued by a competent organization in the Sellers’ country to certify that the delivered meat corresponds completely to the technical conditions of this Contract.

b) Veterinary certificate made out by a competent organization of the Sellers’ country to confirm the compliance of this Contract with the veterinary conditions set forth in Enclosures № 1, 2.

Each block of beef is to be wrapped in polyethylene and put in a new strong carton. The outside of each carton is to bear a stamp of the official veterinary inspection clearly stenciled in indelible paint.

техническиеусловиязавода-изготовителяtechnical conditions ruling at the manufacturing works;

продлениесрокапоставкиpostponement of delivery date;

качествотоварадолжноподтверждатьсяСертификатомкачестваthe quality of the goods is to be confirmed by a Certificate of Quality;

четконаписанныйнесмываемойкраскойclearly stenciled in indelible paint;

подтвердитьсоответствиекачествапроданногопонастоящемуконтрактутовараветеринарнымтребованиям, изложеннымвПриложениях 1,2 – to confirm the compliance of this contract with the veterinary conditions set forth in Enclosures №s 1, 2.

прочная картонная коробка – carton;

соответствовать чему-либо – to correspond to smth;

с чьего-либо согласия – with smb’s consent;

по чьей-либо инициативе – on smb’s initiative;

по чьей-либо просьбе – at smb’s request;

быть проштампованным – to bear a stamp;

обертывать что-либо чем-либо – to wrap smth in smth;

гарантийноеписьмоLetter of Guarantee

выдатьсертификаткачесвтаto issue a Quality Certificate

3. Guarantee of quality

1) The Sellers shall guarantee the quality of the goods sold for … months from the date of delivery. Should the goods within the guarantee period prove to be defected or not corresponding to the terms and conditions of the Contract, the Sellers are to eliminate the defects or replace the defective parts.

The guarantee does not cover rapidly wearing parts and spare parts. It does not apply to natural wear and tear or to damage which is due to negligent or improper storage and handling, overloading, using for the wrong purpose, insufficient and/or incorrect assembly and operation by non-qualified personnel of the Buyers and also due to non-fulfilment of the Sellers’ technical instructions for installation and/or assembly and putting the equipment into operation.

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