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Living in Russia

Today the international interest to Russia has strongly increased. Many foreigners are visiting our country. Unfortunately, life in Russia has both good and bad sides.

On the one hand, in our country live very kind and hospitable people. Traditionally, in any house people are glad to visitors and always will help the needing person. We have rich history and great culture's inheritance.

Besides, all over the world it is known that in Russia there are very clever and beautiful people. Russian education is one of the most qualitative in the world.

On the other hand, Russia, probably, is the poorest country from all countries which are called as the developed. A big part of population lives below the breadline. A standard of living and comfort are very low.

Unfortunately, in the cleverest and ingenious country, teachers and doctors don't have money. A Cultural level becomes lower every year. The mortality exceeds birth rate. The big problem is alcoholism, a high crime rate, bureaucracy and congenital ugliness.

I love my country. I think that Russia is the most spiritual country. I like the Russian mentality, mind, traditions. But, unfortunately, I am compelled to recognize that I don't have prospects in our country. Our vital reality is disgusting. With my profession I can't provide enough the children and to be independent woman. In our wonderful country we don't have conditions for life of people.


"You never have a second chance to make a good first impression" is true.

That impression formed on your first meeting with another person, continues to influence your relationship with the person.

Probably the very first factor in first impressions is clothing.

Imagine seeing a naked person, someone dressed like a vagrant and someone dressed like a businessman walking in the street - you immediately make judgments upon these people even though you don’t know anything about them other than what they are wearing.

The first factor, of course, is a cleanness of your clothes. Dirt can spoil any clothes. When people see you in dirty suit they will think that you are untidy and irresponsible person and they will not trust to you.

The second, it's style's correspondence of your clothes for time and place. For example, if you have an important meeting you should use a Business style. Violation of this law could have serious consequences for your future.

Now i want to tell you about the third factor. It's a color of your clothes. Color is the main factor of emotional impact. Colors in your clothes will help you create a positive image of you in the eyes of people you work with, friends or just about anybody.

For example, if you wear red color it can speak about you a lot: on one hand you are energetic, dynamic, optimistic and strong person. On the other hand, this color may be associated with aggressiveness, persuasiveness and danger.

Choose dark colors when you need to show yourself as a trustworthy, respectable, serious, cautious, wise and experienced person tired of life vanity.

Pastel colors: light tones of rosy, lilac, light-green. These colors symbolize the innocence, infantilism, tenderness, delicacy and indecision. Use these colors if you want to look young, feminine, and flexible.

Black color is the color of earth, nothingness, end of life. It is called the king of elegance.

You can wear black if you need to show your individualism, independence, sophistication, mysteriousness, significance and authority.

White color is the color of snowy fields, ice. It symbolizes eternity, permanence, calmness, clarity, serenity. Stylists advise you to wear white clothes when you need to look clean, decent and moral.

Gray color is neutral and doesn’t have any emotional impact.

The first impression is often the lasting one. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that the image you is a favorable one. If you will remember about the three points to choice of clothes you will have a success.


There is a type of things which we call "unusual". "Unusual" can be all that we didn't know before, or are not traditional for our culture or life style. "Unusual" can be a food. For different country the term "unusual food" can mean different dish. Generally, traditional dishes are an unusual for foreigners.

Traditions depend from a place in which people live. For example, for nations which live near the sea traditional food it is seafood.

Asia's and South America's nations are eating a lot of insects, because they live in a tropical forest and there are a lot of insects and snakes, but for European cuisine it's disgusting.

As for me, i think that i could not eat spiders or different worms. May be it's a very tasty, but i could not put it into my mouth.

I like a Soup Cream of Broccoli. It's tasty and easy for cooking. But it has a very unbeautiful look.

I've ever tried to taste French cheese with mold and i want do it, but only if it would be a natural FRENCH cheese.

In generally, the concept of an unusual food is relative. Something that is unusual in one place is a usual thing in other.

And in my opinion if a person is really hungry he could eat everything even if it moves and hisses.

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