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·  Vector graphics. Vector method – a method of presenting the image as a set of line segments and arcs, etc. In this case, the vector – a set of data describing an object. Software for work with vector graphics, designed primarily to create illustrations and to a lesser extent for their treatment. Such tools are widely used in advertising agencies, design offices, publishing. Design works based on the use of fonts and simple geometric elements are solved by means of vector graphics much easier.

·  Fractal graphics. Software tools for working with fractal graphics are designed for automatic generation of images by mathematical calculations. Creating fractal art composition is not in art or design, and programming. Fractal graphics as vector – is calculated, but differs from it so that no objects in the computer memory is not stored. The  image is based on equation (or system of equations), so nothing but the formula store does not have. By changing the coefficients in the equation, you can get a completely different picture. The ability of fractal graphics to simulate images of wildlife by computing is often used for automatic generation of unusual illustrations.

Use of graphics

Scientific Graphics. Modern scientific computer graphics enables us to perform computational experiments with the visual representation of their results.

Business Graphics – area of computer graphics, designed for visualizing various indicators of the institutions. Planning figures, records, statistical reports – these are objects for which the use of business graphics are illustrative material. Software tools for business graphics are included in the spreadsheet.

The design graphics  used in the work of engineers, designers, architects, inventors of new technology. This kind of computer graphics is a must–aided design system. By means of design charts can be obtained as flat images (projection), and the spatial three-dimensional images.

Illustrative graphics – is an arbitrary drawing and sketching on the computer screen. Packages illustrative graphics are applied software utility. The simplest illustrative graphics software is a graphical editor.

Art and advertising graphics – has become popular largely due to television. Using a computer, create commercials, cartoons, computer games, video lessons, video presentations.

Computer animation

Computer animation – is to get moving images on the screen. The artist creates on-screen images of the initial and final position of moving objects, all the intermediate states will be calculated and represents the computer performing the calculations, based on the mathematical description of this type of movement. These pictures, printed by sequentially on the screen with some frequency, create the illusion of motion. Multimedia – an association of high-quality images on a computer screen with sound. The most popular multimedia systems were in training, advertising and entertainment.

To draw or surround the character on screen came to life, his movement is divided into separate phases, and then shoot on film. If you look closely at the exposed film, we see that in each frame the position the character just a little different from previous and subsequent frames, this creates the projection screen the illusion of movement, based on the ability of the retina of the human eye to retain the image for some time until the it does not overlap the next picture.

Being a derivative of computer graphics, animation, inherits the same method of creating images.

Types of animation

·  Key frame animation.  Key framing make by animator. Intermediate same frame generates special program. This method is most similar to traditional hard-drawn animation, but drawing the intermediate frames make a computer, not man.

·  Record movement. These animations are recorded with special equipment with real moving objects and are carried at their simulations in a computer. A common example of such technology – Motion capture. Actors in special suits with sensors perform movements that are recorded cameras and analyzed by special software. The aggregate data on the movement of joins and limbs actors apply to three-dimensional skeleton of virtual characters than seek a high level of confidence of their movement.

Use of computer animation

Computer animation for today it is widely used both in the field of entertainments, as well as in the industrial, scientific and business spheres. Computer animation can be used in computer games, multimedia applications (ex., encyclopedias), as well as for the “revival” of individual design elements, such as Wed pages and ads (animated banners). In a web page animation can be formed by means sheets (CSS) and scripting (JavaScript) or modules, created with flash technology or it is analogs (flash animation).