Robert’s Driving Lesson (Master english topics)

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Robert’s driving lesson




out of






Fill the gaps:

Robert drove _____ the garage, _____ the road, and _____ the bridge.

Then he drove _____ the pub, _____ the hill, and _____ the hill.

Next he drove _____ the river, _____ the hedge, and _____ the lake!

Louisa giving directions from her school to her house

Go _____ the school and turn _____.

Walk _____ Station Road _____ the railway station and the _____.

Turn _____ at the _____ and walk

_____ the _____ and _____ the _____.

Turn right _____ Park Avenue.

My house is the _____ on the left.

It's number _____. It takes ten minutes.

Jan is writing to a friend from abroad who is coming to stay for a few days and needs to be told how to get from the airport to 12A Pine Road.

12A Pine Road

Greenwood ...

6th June 200x

Dear Alex,

            I’m afraid I won’t be able to meet you when you arrive at the airport as I’ll be at work. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way of getting here apart from taking a taxi, which would be very expensive.

            So, if you haven’t got too much luggage, I’d suggest taking the underground. You’ll have to change twice to get to the nearest station (Greenwood). When you come out of the station, turn left and walk along the main road past Sainsburys supermarket and take the first left (South Road). Pine Road is on the right and 12A is on the first floor. My mother will be there to welcome you!

            But if you don’t mind a slower journey there is a direct bus       (No. 108) which will take you all the way from the airport – there’s a stop opposite Greenwood Station. Ask the driver to tell you when to get off.

            Looking forward to seeing you on Friday evening.


P.S. If you get lost or if you’re delayed, phone me at work (071 4418 extension 679).

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