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Also, there is an option "partition on sides", which will appear if form of stamp will be polygonal, this option automatically splits the text on sides depending on sizes of words and sides. The indention in line assigns the amount of millimetres for indention after each letter, such option useful for consequent distribution.

2.3  Center of stamp

In the centre of stamp can be kept both texts and picture.

The Parameters of texts are assigned similarly parameters of lines, going around stamp. The option "picture in the centre" defines if picture will be in the centre of stamp. The button "load the picture" loads any picture in BMP format. Option "brightness" defines with what brightness to load picture, this is necessary, because picture in centre always with two colours. "Autosize" installs the automatic size to the picture, which depends on remained place for the stamp, if this option is not chosen, then size of central picture will correspond to its initial sizes in pixels.

"Sizes in %" assign the sizes in percent, from chosen by program size on axis X and Y. The сenter of picture possible to install for centre of stamp, changing coordinates of the centre. The option "thickness dribble" installs the thickness of line, which dribbles the centre of stamp.

2.4  Form of stamp

Form of stamp is shown on screen "model of form". The form of stamp possible to change, having chosen one of the types of form: "broken line" - first button under form, "correct polygonal figure", "ellipse", " circumference "," rectangle ". After you have chosen type of form, its is necessary install on screen "model of form" whereupon possible to change its sizes manually, there where is specified radius X and Y.

For making the seal with big form is required to change the size of stamp. The frame defines what picture will be drawn on form of stamp. By the Arrows upwards and downwards is possible to switch already ready frames, and with button "load" is possible to open any other picture, which will be a frame. The amount of pictures defines how many pictures will account for the whole form, this option useless for symmetrical frames, for example, as standard. It is possible to change the thickness of frame. The option a protuberance installs on what side from form will inhere the frame if option is chosen, then frame will be for form, otherwise inwardly forms.

2.5  Making and editing

In given menu stamp is already edited itself. By the button "Create" stamp is creating by earlier given parameters. After its creation it is possible to edit. There are options of correcting the stamp, where stamps is possible to smudge, add her inexactness and to spoil, as well as possible press the button "auto" and stamp is corrected automatically. The amount of lines is assigned in options "amount of lines" for passing through stamp in process of correction. "Tolerance" will assign the amount of pixels for passage under smudging. Stamp is possible to turn on to given corner, herewith indicate importance of corner and press to button "turn". Also possible to change the colour of stamp, changing importance RGB parameters and press to button "colour". After making the stamp its possible to print from program, having chosen place for printing on sheet and press to button "print". If you have done all that you were needed it is possible to save stamp. Having chosen from menu File "save print" and indicates the filename for BMP drawing. Also, there is possibility for conservation of all parameters of stamp and boot them, which are chosen from menu File in the same way.


After you have read this documentation, you should know the main possibilities of Stamp 0.7. I did not describe program enough in detail, but having experience with function of stamp with the help of it possible to create practically any stamp. If you have any questions, then write me on mail. And good luck to you!

By Sedykh Max & Translated by Shabalin Alexandr

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