Итоговый тест по дисциплине "Деловой английский язык" (Тест из 46 вопросов с отметками на правильных ответах), страница 2


S: It’s all my fault. I _____ have done it

:am not         


: haven’t       

: couldn’t


S:  Выберите реплику, не соответствующую ситуации “What are going to do when you finish this course”

: I haven’t decided yet    

: It all depends 

: Not at all  

:  I’m not quite sure


S: Выберите ответ, не соответствующий ситуации :He’s talking too quickly. I can’t understand him.

:  Neither can I

:  This is confusing. 3)

: I’m so glad. 4)

  :  I’m very confused


S:Boss: ''Do you see what I mean?" Employee:

: Yes, do, please                                      

: Yes, and I don't agree with you.

: Yes, but I'm not sure I quite agree. 

: I don't think so.


S: Pizza Hut isa ________subsidiary of Tricon Global Restaurants

: American       

: German             

: British             

: Italian


S: The headquarters of the Microsoft Corporation are located in …

: the UK          

:the USA         

: Japan          

:  Germany


S: French and English are official languages in

: India        

: New Zealand     

:  Sweden  

: Canada


S: Ray Kroc was a founder of …..

: the first entertainment theme park            

: the Metropolitan Museum

: McDonald’s                                             

:  the Microsoft Corporation


Q: Расположите части делового письма в правильном порядке

1. Ultrasonic Ltd. Warwick House, Warwick St., London SW2IJF, Fax (081)5661385

2. Mr. B. Kaassen, Bredgade 51, DK 1110, Copenhagen, Denmark

3. Dear Mr.B.Kaassen,

4. Thank you for your enquiry we have received today. I am enclosing our catalogue and price list for the equipment you are interested in. I would like to draw your attention to pages 31 – 35  in the catalogue where you will find full details of the Omega range.

5.  I look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely, Kay Reynolds, Sales manager.


S: Заполните пропуски в служебной записке:

То   : Ms Diana Wong

L1    : Lianne Sands

L2    : Preparing for the trip

Your ticket for Manila is ready. The (L3)… will visit you on 26 May at four thirty.  Please

arrange the time to meet him .               


R1: From

R2: Subject

R3: Travel Agent 

R4: LS


S: Прочитайте текст. Укажите, какому из абзацев текста соответствует следующая идея:

You should remember about some recommendations that can help you get the job.

Getting a Job Is a Job in Itself.

1. Experts say that face to face is the best way to sell yourself. But sometimes a written application may be the only resort. An application package consists of a resume or CV and an application letter. A resume contains information about applicant’s skills, abilities and qualifications. An application letter should do more. A well –written letter reveals important communication skills. It should be brief, energetic, interesting and answer the following employer’s questions: Why are you writing to me? Why should I consider your candidacy? What qualifications do you have? How could I benefit from them? What are you prepared to do to sell yourself?

2. So, like all persuasive communication these papers require some creative thinking. Here are some guidelines that can make your employer feel that you are worth interviewing. First of all find out what kind of skills and experience the organization needs. Then you should determine your main ‘selling points” and select and order facts in a way that will impress your reader. Remember that words are power. Change neutral and dull words to eye catching and bright ones. By displaying a personality you display emotion. And more than any other element, it sells! Stress what sets you apart from the crowd.