Підсумковий тест з дисципліни "Англійська мова" (з позначенням правильних відповідей). Варіант 1

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The telegram ____ at five o'clock yesterday. (ВІРНА)  was sent

____ these rooms cleaned every day? (ВІРНА)  Are

The traffic rules ____ followed. (ВІРНА)  must be

The parcel ____ tomorrow. (ВІРНА)  will be posted

Coffee and sandwiches ____ up to 11.30. (ВІРНА)  can be ordered

She fell ill and ____ leave early. (ВІРНА)  had to

I saw Ann at the Post Office yesterday. - But you ____ her; she is still abroad. (ВІРНА)  couldn't see

I was lost and ____ ask the policeman the way. (ВІРНА)  had to

He ____ since ten o'clock. It's time for him to wake up. (ВІРНА)  has been sleeping

She has been studying English ____ two months. (ВІРНА)  for

When you go through Customs, your luggage must ____ by a custom officer. (ВІРНА)  be checked

Next spring small branches ____ from all trees. (ВІРНА)  will be cut

____ this telegram ____ in two hours? (ВІРНА)  Will ... be delivered

He ____ in London for three years when I came there. (ВІРНА)  had been studying

It  was dark in the room, we ____ see anything. (ВІРНА)  couldn't

They didn't want to come with us at first but in the end we ____ persuade them. (ВІРНА)  were able to

Foreign languages ____ at all the faculties of our university. (ВІРНА)  are taught

English ____ in many countries. (ВІРНА)  is spoken

The foreign delegation ___ our university tomorrow. (ВІРНА)  will be shown

You ____ speak aloud here, I'm awake.  (ВІРНА)  may

Ukraine ____ by the Black Sea in the South. (ВІРНА)  is washed

The mail must ____ off by plane. (ВІРНА)  be sent

The telephone ____ by A. G. Bell in 1876. (ВІРНА)  was invented

On board the plane you ____ some food usually. (ВІРНА)  are offered

When I came, the tickets ____ already ____ . (ВІРНА)  had ... been bought

When I came to Kyiv, the Independence Square ____ still ____ . (ВІРНА)  was ... being rebuilt

Sumy region ____ in the north-east of Ukraine. (ВІРНА)  is situated

In 1666 a large part of London ____ by fire. (ВІРНА)  was destroyed

Postcards, envelopes and parcels ____ off at the Post-office. (ВІРНА)  are sent

Passports ____ already ____ by the customs officer. (ВІРНА)  have ... been examined

Kyiv ____ 15 centuries ago. (ВІРНА)  was founded

The late arrival of the train ____ by an accident at the railway. (ВІРНА)  is explained

The travellers ____ the room reserved for them. (ВІРНА)  were shown

was shown

were showed

were showing



A lot of people ____ in road accidents every year.


are kill


(ВІРНА)  are killed

are killing



Agriculture ____ in Ukraine.


is well-develop


(ВІРНА)  is well-developed

was well-develop



The doctor ____ when people feel bad.


(ВІРНА)  is sent for

send for

sends for

 was sent for



The passenger ____ to take their seats in 10 minutes.


were invited

are invited

(ВІРНА)  will be invited

will invite



This medicine ____ just ____ by the doctor.


is ... prescribed

was ... prescribed

had ... prescribed

(ВІРНА)  has ... been prescribed



Your things ____ in your suitcase.


(ВІРНА)  must be packed

must pack

must packing

must be pack



Have you ____ the new machine?


being shown


(ВІРНА)  been shown

shown been



I am not going to the party. I ____ .


invited haven't been

hadn't been invited

been haven't invited

(ВІРНА)  haven't been invited



The results of the examination ____ to you as soon as they are ready.


are sent

are being sent

(ВІРНА)  will be sent

will sent



This laboratory works at very important problem at present and many interesting experiments ____ in it.


(ВІРНА)  are being made

has been made

is being made

are making



Many accidents ____  by dangerous driving.




(ВІРНА)  are caused

are causing



I didn't realise that our conversation ____ by someone.


has been recorded

has recorded

was recording

(ВІРНА)  was being recorded



 A new ring-road round the city ____ now.


(ВІРНА)  is being built

have been built

was built

has been built

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