Types of cargoes and their packing

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Types of cargoes and their packing.

One at the main purposes of ships is carring the cargoes. And there are a lot of types of ships in accordanse with variable kinds of the cargoes.

And first of  all about the general cargoes: they indices the industrial products  and semi-manufactured goods. They require the expenditure of  much labour during  loading and unloading. The transportation ot a lot ot tares is expensive too. The general  cargoes can be: bagged, baled, barreled, metals and machinery, heavy weights, goods is packages, timber cargoes. Cargo carried on deck is shipped at shipper's risk, unless contracted otherwise. The lashing provided a proper means of  fastening and the tarpaulin protects the cargo from sea and weather. 

The general cargo can be carried by bulk vessels and general vessels. The main difference between the bulk  and general vessels  is that the latter are fitted with special facilities to handle the general cargoes. 

The bagged cargoes are: rise, sugar, cocoa, coffee, tobacco, rye.

The rise cargo calls for a elaborate and sufficlent ventillationg because it evolves carbonic acid gas and it contents moisture which leads to the swetting of the hold.

The sugar can be dry and green. The dry sugar is also carried in bags and calls for the appropriate cleaning and drying the holds, absolute freedom from dampness and isolation from iron and metal.

The example of the balled cargo is the cotton. It is liable to heating and subject to the spontaneous combastion. The cargo space which is to be loaded by the cotton should be perfectly dry, well aired and free from oil stains.

The metals are carried in the drums and meral cables or houses are carried in reels.

The lubricants are carried in barrels and the vine is carried in wooden casks or in speshial vine carries.

The equipment, tools and machinery are carried cases or boxes. And the canned foods and other foods are carried in corton.

The marks and numbers of any package must be diistinctive and securely fastened.         

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