Obtaining Radio Medical advice. Duties of the cargo officer. Causes of damage to cargo. Emergency response actions. Principles of stowage

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1.Translate the business letter from Russian into English(600 t.u.)

2.Translate the text From English into Russian(1000 t.u.)

3.Render the contents of the newspaper article(1800-2000 t.u.)

4.Speak on:…(see the list of problems)

5.Comment on the scheme or documents attached, read and translate abstracts from nautical publications, NAVTEX, render a message in a telex, fill in a medical report.

List of problems.

1.Obtaining Radio Medical advice.

2.Duties of the cargo officer.

3.Causes of damage to cargo.

4.Emergency response actions.

5.Principles of stowage.

6.Towing on the high seas.

7.Navigation in narrows with the Traffic Separation Scheme.

8.Condact of vessel in restricted visibility.

9.Actions to avoid collision.

10.Procedure of bringing a ship to anchor.


12. Pilotage service. Pilotage process.

13.Duties of the deck officers while mooring the ship.

14.Types of cargoes and packing.

15.Duties of OOW when the vessel is lying at anchor.

16.First aid on board.

17.Salvage tugs, refloating, salvage agreement.

18.Procedure of mooring.

19.Cargo operation on board. Procedure. Personnel involved.

20.Emergency organization on the ship.


22.Principles of survival.

23.OOW. Duties of OOW when the vessel is under way.

24.Personal life saving appliances.

25.Prevention of pollution from ships.

26.Handing over/taking over watch keeping duties.

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