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GOTHENBURG: 57.42 N. 11.57 E. (See Plan Book)


3 Cargo Declarations (IMCO model).

4 Crew Lists.

3 Passenger Lists

2 Tobacco Lists (must be signed by each Crew member)

1 Stores List.

1 Health Document

Ship's Papers.

Nationality Certificate.

If stay more than 48 hours, Articles to Consulate.

Manifests, Bills of Lading.

TRAFFIC CONTROL SYSTEM: The Port of Gothenberg has in co-operation with the National Swedish Administration of Shipping and Navigation established a traffic control system. It is a vessel movement-control and information system managed from the Gothenburg Traffic Control Centre (TCC). The system will be in full operation at the end of 1982 when it will use a chain of radars linked to the centre, which will be furnished with a VHF communication network. PILOTAGE: Incoming vessels have to notify the Traffic Control Centre (TCC) call sign "Gothenburg Traffic" by VHF Channel 13 (156.65 mHz) or by telephone 031 -12 54 33 that they require a Pilot. Notification to be done 3 hours before ETA at the pilot grounds at Vinga Island, where the pilot boat will be at hand. The pilot grounds are marked on the charts. Approved pilot ladder, if rail is high accommodation ladder, heaving line and a man standing by to receive Pilot (Also see "Stockholm"). ANCHORAGE: At Rivo Fiord and Dana Fiord. VLCC's anchor 2 miles S.W. of Trubaduren Light.

MAX. SIZE: Torshamnen, water depth 64 ft. 4 in. (19.6 m.). Fully loaded tankers of 225,000 d.w.t. on draft of 19.5 m. received. Partly loaded tankers of max. 380,000 d.w.t. have been received. Skarvik Harbour, water depth 42 ft. (13 m.). Tankers up to 50,000 d.w.t. Skandia Harbour, general cargo, container vessels, water depth up to 39 ft. (12 m.). General cargo harbours: for other cargo and passenger vessels 33 ft, (10 m.). Water depth at MWL. Tide of no importance. HEALTH: The Master of every ship, whose voyage has touched lands outside Europe (excepting U.S.A., Canada, Azores, Canaries, Madeira and Morocco), and who within 28 days arrives at Gothenburg from a port in any such land, shall submit to Customs on demand a Declaration of Health for the ship in the prescribed form. If ship arrives within 14 days of calling at any such port she must not touch land until inspected by the Quarantine Medical Officer and permission to land granted. Compulsory medical examination not required where a ship liable to inspection has undergone an approved Quarantine Inspection in either a Danish, a Norwegian or a Finnish port, and all questions in the Declaration of Health have been answered negatively. Exemption may also be granted to any other ship which would otherwise be liable for examination, if Master, pursuant to Article 21 of Quarantine Regulations for Sweden, has previously radioed all information regarding state of health on board to Health Authorities (radio-pratique). Telegraphic address: "Portsan, Gothenburg". Messages must be made not less than 4 hours prior to ETA. (Preferably, messages should not be made during night) Free-pratique messages should include: Name of the ship; estimated time and day of arrival; number of crew; number of passengers; names of the last two ports called at outside Europe, and dates of departure therefrom; replies to the 6 questions contained in Declaration of Health RADIO: Goteborgs Radio, call sign SAG.

 TUGS: Tugs normally join vessel between the island Nya Alvsborg and Rya Nabbe. Vessels use their own lines. Tugs join at Dana Fiord for tankers bound for Torshamnen.

BERTHING: No restrictions at any time of day and night VLCC s Derth and unberth in daylight only.

BRIDGES; Atvsborg Bridge (suspension bridge) in Western part of city, clearance 147.5 ft. (45 m,). Gotaalv Bridge (Weighbridge) in centre of city, clearance 64 ft. (19.5 m.) Ships shouid give three long blasts with whistle for bridge to be opened. If opening not required they have to give one long and one short biasi. It is possible to contact Gotaalv Bridge on frequency 156.80 Mc/s. (Channel 16). Working frequencies are 156.70 Mc/s. (Channel 14) and 156.45 Mc/s. (Channel 9), STEVEDORES: Goteborgs Stuveri AB: Provides dock workers. CONTAINERS: The Skandia Harbour for container handling with 4 terminals including 20 berths and 13 ferry ramps. Depths up to 39 ft. 04 in. (12 m.). Container cranes 30 ton - 60 ton.



Berth No.

Berth No.




Gothenburg Harbour


BP, Shell and various


Crude Oil

Min. water depth at


20.50 m.

20.50 m.

mean water


19.60 m.

19.60 m.

Under keel clearance


1.45 m.

1.45 m.


0.55 m.

0.55 m.

Dimensions safely


335 m.

280 m.

acceptable (see also


no restr.

no restr.



19.05 m.

19.05 m.

d.w.t. (summer)

abt. 250,000

abt, 115,000

Water density



Nature of bottom



Boom arrangement

4x16 in.

4x12 in.

Manifold heights


22.00 m.

17.00 m.


3.00 m.

1.5   m.

Public telephone number

31 63 24 46

31 63 24 45

Draft: That the above figure, 19.05 m., is given on the basis of mean water level and brackish water (density 1.013). There is very little tide at Gothenburg, only about 20 cm. (8 in.). The draft is more affected by wind, Easterly winds blowing the water away from the coast. Westerly winds blowing the water towards the coast. In winter and eariy spring (January-May) there can be long periods of Easterly wind, when it would be prudent not to arrive on a deeper draft than 18.60 m./brackish water Lightering: In case of need lightering can be arranged 3 nautical mites S.W. of the Trubadur Lighthouse. This is in open sea and restricted to wind force less than 6-7 m./s.

For crude oil distribution to other refineries lightering can take place across the finger jetty from Berth No. 801 to Berth No. 800.

Gas lightering is being done via 8 in. acid proof steel pipe-line across jetty. Flanges drilled to ASA 150 and 300, No hoses available, vessels have to provide same Ballast: Can not be received ashore.

Dimensions: The harbour is prepared to accept vessels exceeding 335 m, length provided distance from bow to manifold is max  180 m. and vessels' draft does not exceed 18.29 m. (60 ft.), brackish water-Special approval needed in each case. Bunkers: Supplied by barge only.

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