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Tim Burton

Producer, script-writer and director - Tim Burton was born on 25th August , 1958 in Burbank, California state. His early career in cinema wasnt sucсessful and he still was working only thanks to his good fortune. But now he is destinguished from general number of Hollywood’s producers by his talant and creative abilites.

He has drawn since his childhood (he began to draw when he was a child).The great influence on his mind and imagination was had by black-white horrors and science-fiction. Vincent Prise was his idol.

Burton is unique and irreplaceable person in cinema. His films are discussed and noticed by a lot of awards. He imagined so much unforgettable icons, funny and terrible personages, for example, Beetlejuice, mask of Joker, miserable Edward Scissorhands, laughted aliens from ‘Mars attacked!’and etc.

Tim Burton is the one artist of ending 20th century who created his own world with strange and wonderful  creatures and monsters.

He told that when he was a child his parents laid the window in his room by bricks. He was afraid to ask why they did it. But one day he knew that secret – they wanted to keep the warmth in the house. But his family lived in California. So you see, that sometimes when you communicate with that man you don’t understand  he tell the truht or laught at you.

A lot of critics don’t make the serious attention on Burton, but nobody except him can imagine the evil with such passion and charm.

Burton didn’t like to read books that’s why films about monsters became tails for him. Young Tim began to draw the comics when he ever didn’t go to school and at one day he got the grant from Walt Disney’ Studio for study at the animated section of Californian University or Art.

 22-year-old Tim Burton had a big success with his doll’s cartoon ‘Vincent’. It’s story about small boy who adored horrors and imagined himself an actor Vincent Prise.

After that work TB made several short films, for example, ‘Frankweenie’, but that film was forbidden by Censor Comitet of USA. The first full-length film was ‘Pee Wee’s Big Adventure’. After 3 years TB returned on the big screen with his new creation named ‘Beetlejuice’. Later two big projects entered with great success – the serial about Beetlejuice’s Adventures and fim ‘Batman’. Burton decided to make his own Batman. Now that personage isn’t a super hero with big heart like in 60-70th years. Burton’s Batman doesn’t like to smile, he hasn’t got any emotions and at the end of film you are beginning to hate him. Burton wanted to show that monsters like Joker or Penguin can be more candid then human’s personages.

The most favorite actor of Burton is Jonny Depp, because he is always ready to change himself, he isn’t afraid to be ugly.Burton can tell dark stories with kindness that you begin to love the gothic and horrible monsters. Edward Scissorhands – the story about artificial man with blades instead of fingers- opened the series of Christmas tails. People saw the new creation – ‘Nightmare before the Christmas’.

Tim Burton has a big influence on youth subculture and I want to present you Burton’s first success – cartoon ‘Vincent’.

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