Сослагательное наклонение (Subjunctive Mood), страница 2


1. If  I were you, I should be X-rayed.

2. If  I had  a sore throat, I’d gargle it with an anticeptic mouth-wash.

3. If my wound healed the nurse would take off the bandage.

4. If you followed my treatment you would recover soon.

5.If he paid more attention to his studies he would cope better with the curriculum.

6.If you ordered the prescription now, the laxatives would be ready in two hours.

7.If she had angina pectoris she would have pain in the substernal area.

8.If they didn’t take care of themselves, they would fall ill again.

9.If your group-mate  went in for sports he would be healthy.

10.If you had lobar pneumonia the doctor would hear moist rales in the lungs.

11.If she suffered from bad headaches so often, she wouldn’t be so cheerful.


1.If he had felt rotten, he wouldn’t have taken part in the concert.

2.The doctor wouldn’t have hospitalized the patient if the latter hadn’t had such a bad inflammation.

3. If you had taken the medicine, it would have given an instant relief.

4.If you hadn’t eaten such  heavy food, you wouldin’t  have had stomach ache.

5.If your fellow-student had undergone the necessary course of  physiotherapy, his  wound  would have healed long ago.

6.If my father hadn’t had a bad heart attack, he would have gone with us to Moscow.

7.If you hadn’t used this ointment so often, you wouldn’t have had the irritation of the skin.

8.If your room-mate had not coughed so badly, he would have gone skiing with us.

9.If his X-ray examination had revealed some  lung troubles, he would have stayed at the hospital for additional  examination.

10.I wouldn’t have made a call to the polyclinic, if he hadn’t had such a high t0.

11.If she hadn’t been confined to bed, she would have arranged our concert last week.


1.  If the students passed all their exams, they could go home for their vocations.

2.  I could discharge you from the hospital if you recovered.

3.  The doctor could have seen you, if he hadn’t gone out to his calls.

4.  I might take your blood pressure myself.

5.  You might have taken your electrocardiogram  long ago .

6.  If I could see better, I wouldn’t have problems with reading.

7.  If the nurse could have done this herself, she wouldn’t have waited for the surgeon.

V. Use the necessary form of subjective mood.

1. If I were you

a) I will stay in bed.

b) I would have stayed in bed.

c) I would stay in bed.

2. If she hadn’t been ill with

    quinsy, she

a) will go with us.

b) would have gone with us.

c) would go with us.

3. If you were more attentive, you

a) studied better.

b) wound have studied better.

c) would study better.

4. If his fracture hadn’t been compound, he

a) wouldn’t have lain under traction.

b) wouldn’t lie under traction.

5. If he hadn’t had a gangrenous form of appendicitis? he

a) wouldn’t be operated on at once.

b) wouldn’t have been operated on at once.

6. If he had rupture of appendix, he

a) could have had peritonitis.

b) could have peritonitis.

7. I would change the dressing, if it

a) were wet with pus.

b) had been wet with pus.

8. They would have performed an operation if he

a) felt worse.

b) had felt worse.

9. The surgeon would cleanse the abdominal cavity, if  

a) there were food mass under the right dome of the diaphragm

b) there had been...

10. The nurse would have taken the stitches off if the wound.

a)  healed

b)  had healed

11.They would transfuse some blood, if the patient

a)had a profuse arterial bleeding;

b) had had ...

12.The patient would have survived the operation, if the surgeons

a)  made it in time

b)  had made it in time

VI. Open the brackets using the necessary form of subjunctive mood

1.  The  operation would have been dangerous, if you (to have) gangrenous form of appendicitis.

2.  If I had more knowledge of medicine, I (to belong) to some scientific circle.

3.  I would listen to your lungs, if I (can) use a stethoscope.

4.  You (to avoid) colds If you took good care of yourself.

5.  If I (to have) t0, I would take aspirin.

6.  If I (to be) you, I would be more out in the open air.

7.  We would have made a call to the doctor, if the case (to be) urgent.

8.  If we had blood analysis, we (to make) a diagnosis.

9.  He (to enter) the Institute, if he had passed his entrance examinations well.

10.  He wouldn’t have missed the classes on Friday, if he (not to fall ill) with measles.

11.  I (to carry on) research work, if I were interested in it.

12.  I would have kept to a light diet, if I (to suffer) from ulcer of the stomach.

VII. Answer the questions:

1.  What would you do if your friend complained of heartache?

2.  Would you have a scalding foot-bath if you had a bad cold?

3.  In what case would you prescribe sleeping-draught?

4.  What would you advise to your friend, if he coughed badly for a long time?

5.  Where would you go if you were on your summer vocation?

6.  What would you do ,if you had a sore throat?

7.  What would you have done if you hadn’t passed your winter exams?

8.  What would you do in case of profuse bleeding?

9.  What would the doctor do if a patient had peritonitis?

10.  Would you apply mustard plasters to your friend’s back if he had a headache? Why?

11.  In what case would you give a patient sedatives?

VIII. Translate into English:

1.  На вашем месте я бы удалил желчный пузырь.

2.  Не могли бы вы наложить повязку сразу?

3.  Если бы вы следовали строгому постельному режиму, у вас бы не было таких серьезных осложнений в прошлом месяце.

4.  Если бы медсестра не сделала ему укол болеутоляющего лекарства, мальчик потерял бы сознание.

5.  Если бы у вас не было стенокардии, боль не «отдавала бы» в левую руку и плечо.

6.  Я бы вызвал вчера врача , если бы у него была очень высокая температура.

7.  Если бы его послеоперационный курс был без осложнений, я бы давно выписал его из больницы.

8.  Почему вы не простерилизовали инструменты? Мы могли бы начать операцию час назад.

9.  Если бы хирурги предотвратили разрыв больного не было бы перитонита.

10.  Я бы заказала лекарство завтра.

11.  Ребенок прополоскал бы горло вечером, но у нас нет антисептической жидкости.

12.  Мы бы давно получили справку о здоровье , если бы записались к врачу сразу.

13.  Я бы сходил с тобой на собрание завтра, если бы не дежурил в хирургическом отделении.аппендикса, у